5 Signs Your Industrial Building Require Immediate Electrical Maintenance

07 February 2023

Businesses meant to produce, package, and transport products often take advantage of industrial buildings. These buildings, after all, utilise huge workspaces to ensure that these processes will be carried out smoothly.

One part of these buildings that should always be present, inspected, and maintained is the electrical system. All the processes involved inside these buildings depend on machines, tools, and other equipment pieces. And since most of them rely on electricity, these buildings should also be equipped with a compatible electrical system. This system is likewise needed to run crucial building systems like fire, safety, security, and lighting systems.

If your industrial building, however, demonstrates the following signs, you must call a professional and subject it to electrical maintenance immediately.

1. Frequent Circuit Breaker Trips

A circuit breaker protects your electrical circuit from damage by detecting a fault condition, interrupting continuity, and discontinuing electrical flow. As it discontinues electrical flow, your building may experience a sudden power outage. The problem only arises if your circuit breaker trips frequently as it hinders your building from operating continuously and safely. Frequent circuit breaker trips may only mean that you have an overloaded circuit breaker, twisted or wounded internal wirings, fluctuating voltage levels, and a circuit shorted to the ground.

2. Discoloured or Heated Electrical Outlets

The electrical outlets in your building are meant to connect your machines and devices to a power source. But if they somehow feel excessively warm, you may need to service them right away. Servicing them is also necessary if they have burn marks on or around them. These issues may often happen if they bear more current than they can. If this continues, it will only push the outlets to break, crack, chip, or even burst. 

3. Exposed Cords and Wires

Cords and wires are often wrapped in materials that can be somehow safe to touch. However, most of them must still be hidden optimally to prevent damaging their covers. If your work areas are filled with too many exposed cords and wires, they may only get pinched or shorted out as time passes, which only leads to tripping circuit breakers, damaged outlets, and even fire. The abundance of exposed cords and wires may likewise mean that your building requires extra outlets to prevent overloading.

4. Blinking or Flickering Lights

Lights may sometimes blink or flicker whenever they are switched on. However, if they do flicker and dim a lot, you may want to replace them. Blinking or flickering lights may mean that you have faulty wiring. Without maintaining them right away, the receptacles may overheat, causing only more issues along the way. Lights that blink a lot may likewise deter employees from working optimally as they may experience headaches, blurry vision, and others.

5. Buzzing and Odd Sounds

One more sign that your electrical building requires electrical maintenance is the occurrence of buzzing and odd sounds from your machines, outlets, or other electrical system components. Some machines and devices may generate humming sounds whenever they operate. But if these sounds become too loud, it may only mean that you have wiring issues. You may also maximise loose outlets or prongs, which may only lead to an electrical short circuit. Fire may likewise start if these issues are not resolved as soon as possible.

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