Maintenance Guide for Industrial Electrical Systems

08 August 2022

Industrial buildings like processing plants, warehouses, and data centres rely heavily on a wide array of equipment, tools, and devices in conducting their operations. Through these things, their employees can effectively perform their tasks without any issues. The properties are likewise ensured to be safe from dangers as they are equipped with vital building systems.

But before these things can be operational and effective, they must all be connected to the electrical system first. Most electrical systems of industrial buildings have been modified to make them compatible with the needs of the said properties. They should also be enhanced to make sure they can withstand heavy operational loads for a long time.

If you currently own or manage an industrial building, you must allocate some of your time to maintain its electrical system effectively. After all, regular maintenance of your industrial electrical system can provide you with numerous benefits.

Benefits of a Regular Electrical System Maintenance

Tons of benefits are associated with regular electrical system maintenance.

For one, it can keep your property safe from any hazards and risks. Since your electrical system will be maintained regularly, all your equipment, tools, and systems inside your building will function optimally. Even the components of your electrical system can remain functional, as any issues and problems will be resolved during the maintenance.

Another great benefit of regular electrical system maintenance is it can keep your equipment and building systems reliable. An electrical system that often manifests issues will only pose issues to your equipment as they cannot be supplied with stable power anymore. Without regular upkeep, your electrical system might end up damaging your equipment and systems. The same system can even cause property fires.

The overall expenses of operating your building are likewise minimised significantly once your electrical system is maintained regularly. Since most parts of your electrical system will be checked regularly, you must not expect them to require more power to run. A stable electrical system likewise minimises business downtimes and saves money on unnecessary repairs.

Keeping Your Industrial Electrical System Functional

Certain maintenance tasks can be applied not only to industrial buildings but also to other types of buildings. One of these tasks is the regular inspection of bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, and lounges. Another task is the close examination of inlets, panel boards, electrical distribution systems, and circuit breakers. Maintenance can also be done by assessing indoor and outdoor lighting, relays, and control panels, monitoring electrical systems in hazardous locations, and initiating surveys of various service equipment.

As for your industrial building itself, one thing you can do as part of its maintenance is to check the condition of its indicators, sensors, and warning lights. You must also check the condition of the power meters, ensuring that they still work optimally. Any bolted electrical connections to specific building levels must likewise be torque tested and inspected. Checking for any indications of equipment overheating must be done to know if they require further servicing. 

Other things you can do are inspect primary control points, perform thermal imaging surveys, inspect motor control circuits, check the transformers, and conduct a detailed survey. If you need some help, you can contact us at Protector Air Care. 

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