Guidelines in Chiller Safety Controls: Things You Need to Know About

27 March 2020

Chillers are essentially a part of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems that dehumidify and cool an entire building. This system has the sole purpose of creating a comfortable interior environment regardless of the conditions external to the building.  The use of chillers may enhance human comfort, but they can still become a hazard if operated in the wrong way. Believe it or not, some people are still unaware of the safety controls and procedures that should be followed when operating and working around the chillers.  The Fundamentals of a Chiller System Most cooling systems rely on refrigerants […]

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Chiller Services, Annuals, Rebuilds and Replacements: Contact Protector Air Care

13 March 2020

Huge buildings and facilities obtain chillers to perform some important functionality. As an introduction, a chiller is an equipment that removes heat from a liquid through a heat exchanger. Chilled water or liquid are circulated through this heat exchanger, which can be helpful in different applications such as food and beverage, tool and die-cutting, chemicals, lasers, machine tool, semiconductors, and many more. The use of water is very common as a requirement in transferring heat to and from the chiller. A chiller can also use hermetic scroll, semi-hermetic screw, or centrifugal compressor. It can also be water-cooled, air-cooled, or cooled […]

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Issues in Cooling Towers Due to Poor Care and Maintenance

28 February 2020

Cooling towers are designed to remove heat from a building. Most of the time, commercial buildings utilise these cooling towers since they can effectively keep a low temperature of the whole building. Industries that maximise the use of cooling towers include power plants, petroleum refineries, and manufacturing facilities. Cooling towers can give various benefits to business owners. They can save you tons of energy and even money since their cooling process doesn’t draw too much power. These towers can also be maintained easily since they don’t leave any harmful residues behind while the cooling process is initiated. By design, cooling […]

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How Do Businesses Benefit from of HVAC Retrofits

14 February 2020

Business owners know the importance of HVAC systems to their respective buildings. These systems provide thermal comfort for all occupants of the building. Moreover, they can also significantly improve the indoor air quality and maintain recommended temperatures. After all, HVAC systems ensure a stable working environment and conditions for all employers and employees. Since HVAC systems are comprised of different equipment, it is expected that some of the equipment may encounter problems along the way. And even if some HVAC equipment is still doing fine, there might be a time that they must be replaced according to various factors such […]

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BMS and BAS Systems: Basic Concepts and Facts

31 January 2020

In our homes, we can easily monitor our mechanical and electrical equipment without the need for a single system. We can check our power and ventilation systems just by going to them manually. We can also check our fire and security systems by inspecting them in person. The manual checking of mechanical and electrical equipment may apply to huge buildings. However, it will surely consume a lot of time and resources. It is also not convenient for the building owner or the one who is in charge of maintaining the whole system since some critical issues may come as urgent. […]

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Preventative Maintenance of Mechanical & HVAC Plants: What makes it a Good Investment?

14 January 2020

Mechanical and HVAC plants play a pivotal role in the operations of a business. Without these equipment, most of your workforce will be mobilised since they cannot work under uncontrolled temperatures, water, and power. Moreover, some work processes require these plants to ensure proper ventilation and other factors needed to make everything work. One way to make sure that the mechanical and HVAC plants are always working is to subscribe them under preventative maintenance. With this kind of maintenance, you are ensured that your operations won’t be hampered anytime. You also don’t have to cost a lot of your resources […]

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What are Industrial Cooling Towers? How Do They Work?

13 December 2019

Industrial cooling towers couldn’t work without evaporative cooling technology. However, there’s a world of difference between a so-called swamp cooling evaporative appliance and a mighty industrial tower. Not to state the obvious too plainly, the industrial model is built on a whole other scale. It’s surrounded by a concrete column that’s several storeys tall, and it encapsulates a far more intricate assemblage of working machinery. First things first, then, industrial cooling towers function as large-scale heat exchangers. Across-The-Board Heat Exchanger Scalability In the simplest possible terms, they’re designed to swap energy between water streams and air currents, hence the open […]

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Prepare for the Hot Melbourne Summer: Ways to Know if Your Cooling Towers are Working Properly

09 December 2019

Summers in Melbourne can get scorching hot. Even if we are used to this heat, we still need to rely on some equipment and machinery to help us beat the summer heat. Whether you are in your office, shop, or even at home, there is an immense possibility that we all use some sort of cooling solution. These solutions are necessary so that we won’t get any sickness and grave medical conditions out of the heat.  While residential properties can already maximise the potential of air conditioning units as a remedy to heat, commercial and industrial buildings require more comprehensive […]

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Corrosion in HVAC Systems: How Can this be Prevented?

22 November 2019

People in a room that solely relies on the temperature and condition of the surrounding environment won’t be able to survive or endure there for a long time. The heat waves from the sun cause serious medical conditions such as heat stroke and heat exhaustion. Even the temperature of snowy weather can cause hypothermia among people. Fortunately, the conditions mentioned above can now be regulated with technology. One specific wonder of technology that helps regulate and control room temperature is the HVAC system. This system, with initials that stand for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, can control elements that give […]

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Counter Flow vs. Cross Flow Cooling Towers: What are the Differences?

04 November 2019

Many commercial and industrial businesses perform their daily operations on buildings and facilities. Since these buildings have to deal with people every day, the air being circulated on these structures may get alarmingly warm. This is why most business owners spend money for an efficient cooling system around their vicinity for the sake of their employees and the quality of their products and services. In some industries, the cooling system even has a significant role in the manufacturing process of products. One common way to reduce the temperature of a building or facility is by installing cooling towers. Cooling towers […]

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