An Overview on How HVAC DDC Systems Work

14 September 2021

Owners of commercial and industrial properties would often utilise efficient heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in maintaining the right temperature and humidity levels of their spaces. Through HVAC system units, these properties can easily obtain numerous benefits. One of the benefits of acquiring efficient HVAC system units is that the indoor air quality can improve significantly. These units typically maximise filtration components to remove any impurities in the air. Additionally, working with efficient HVAC system units guarantees enhanced savings in energy consumption since owners can regulate the temperature and humidity levels of their spaces accordingly. HVAC system units […]

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Why Should You opt for a Commercial Chiller Replacement instead of Having it Repaired?

23 August 2021

Establishments in the foodservice, manufacturing, and other similar industries have to utilise cold storage solutions for them to store and preserve the quality of their products. One of the cold storage solutions that they can maximise is the commercial chiller. Commercial chillers can store and preserve the quality of a wide array of products since they can maintain cold temperatures inside their storage units. With the presence of a compressor, condenser coil and fans, and an evaporator, these chillers can ensure that the needed cold air inside their storage compartment will be processed, transported, and sustained throughout their operations. While […]

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Benefits of Thermostat Upgrades in Commercial Air Conditioning

06 August 2021

Commercial properties often cater to the needs of different types of businesses. And to generate revenue and meet the demands of customers or clients, these properties must maximise various systems just to ensure that they can carry out their main purposes. One of the systems that can help commercial properties with their established purposes is air conditioning. Air conditioning systems are crucial to the said properties as they can provide comfort not only to the employees but also to the visitors or customers. By regulating the temperature of rooms and spaces, all people inside these properties are expected to feel […]

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An Overview of Electrical Maintenance in Industrial Buildings and Why It Matters

26 July 2021

Every day, industrial buildings are expected to work for numerous hours. And to make sure that they can operate effectively, they must be equipped with a stable source of electricity. This power source allows these buildings to run machines and devices necessary for their respective operations. But before these buildings can operate safely, their electrical system and its accompanying components must be installed properly first. Aside from its installation, the whole electrical system should also be maintained regularly so that its components can work correctly. A Basic Overview of Electrical Maintenance Industrial buildings, as previously stated, are filled with machines […]

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The Significance of Cooling Tower Fill Media Replacement

08 July 2021

Cooling towers play a significant role in properties. They can provide a cost-effective way of cooling the spaces and areas that require specific temperatures. These cooling towers function by utilising large quantities of water and their components to remove the heat from the property. Properties such as manufacturing facilities, petroleum refineries, and power plants maximise cooling towers in carrying out their operations. After all, heat can be destructive to the regular operations and processes of these properties. But for cooling towers to be truly effective on several industrial buildings, their fill media must be replaced at some point of their […]

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How to Make Your Industrial HVAC System More Energy-Efficient?

25 June 2021

Industrial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems have played a vital role in a lot of businesses. They basically grant industrial properties a simple way of heating and cooling their areas and spaces as well as maintain their proper ventilation. All these features are possible since industrial HVAC systems can effectively maintain the temperature and humidity level of the spaces. Some of the most common components of these HVAC systems include chillers, heat pumps, heaters, and rooftop units. Most of them are connected through ductwork, making sure that all spaces and corners of industrial properties can obtain the benefits […]

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The Significance of Well-Maintained Ventilation Systems

08 June 2021

Commercial and industrial properties typically conduct a wide array of processes that would make their operations productive and profitable. And to ensure that these processes are performed effectively, their work environments must always be in good condition. Fortunately, these properties can achieve high-quality workplaces through effective ventilation systems. Often integrated with heating and air conditioning units, these systems are designed to keep in fresh outdoor air and eliminate contaminated indoor air. They can also control and mitigate the airborne contaminants, ensuring that the work environments will be free from illnesses and diseases. Ventilation systems that are maintained optimally can bring […]

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The Importance of Efficiency in HVAC Control Systems

26 May 2021

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems have been very helpful in a lot of commercial and industrial properties as they typically provide numerous benefits. For one, these systems can significantly improve indoor air quality through effective filtration components. There are even HVAC systems that can obtain fresh outdoor air and release it indoors in exchange for the already contaminated indoor air. Temperature and other elements of the air can likewise be regulated with these systems. Aside from indoor air quality, temperature, and other elements, HVAC systems can also conserve tons of energy as both heating and cooling can already […]

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Understanding the Working Principles of HVAC Filtering Units

10 May 2021

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are designed to effectively improve the atmospheric condition of a property, particularly in rooms and areas that are often used by many people. These systems are typically utilised in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. One primary function of HVAC systems is that they can control the temperature of a room or an area. Another function of these systems is that they can regulate the humidity level of these places by controlling the distribution and movement of the air. But one function of these systems that property owners often overlook is that they can […]

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4 Main Factors that Can Affect the Performance of Your Commercial Chillers

29 April 2021

Commercial buildings take advantage of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system to effectively cool and dehumidify key areas and rooms. And one HVAC system component that can bring a lot of benefits to commercial buildings is the chiller.  Chillers are often utilised by a lot of commercial buildings and establishments. Some of these properties are hotels, restaurants, hospitals, industrial and manufacturing plants, and many more.  Working Principles of Chiller Units Most of the time, chillers work by absorbing the heat inside the buildings and transferring it into the environment. Following the principle of vapour compression or absorption, chillers would […]

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