Counter Flow vs. Cross Flow Cooling Towers: What are the Differences?

04 November 2019

Many commercial and industrial businesses perform their daily operations on buildings and facilities. Since these buildings have to deal with people every day, the air being circulated on these structures may get alarmingly warm. This is why most business owners spend money for an efficient cooling system around their vicinity for the sake of their employees and the quality of their products and services. In some industries, the cooling system even has a significant role in the manufacturing process of products. One common way to reduce the temperature of a building or facility is by installing cooling towers. Cooling towers […]

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The Essentials of Proper Installation and Maintenance of HVAC Systems in Healthcare Facilities

24 October 2019

Heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in healthcare facilities are installed and maintained for a reason. They are not only present as common fixtures in an establishment; they are also there to promote health, comfort, and safety among patients, healthcare staff and visitors. A proper installation of HVAC systems benefits the healthcare facilities greatly. That is why it is important for healthcare facilities to ensure the proper installation and maintenance of their HVAC systems. Below are the key essentials of a proper HVAC systems installation and maintenance. Temperature Control The temperature significantly contributes to the overall condition of the […]

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Here are Some of the Reasons Why an HVAC Inspection is Worth the Cost

07 October 2019

You have probably seen the media ads that promote the fact that you need an annual HVAC inspection to ensure that your heating and cooling system is in optimal operating condition at all times and wondered if it is really worth the cost of one. The short answer to this query is “yes” since it can help prevent costly repair bills in the near future. During this inspection, a licenced technician can identify minor issues before they turn into major, expensive ones. Is the HVAC Inspection Worth the Price That You Pay for It? Your HVAC system contains numerous parts […]

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Regular Cleaning and Maintenance for Better Cooling Tower Performance

20 September 2019

While lesser equipment setups can survive an occasional maintenance hiccup, cooling tower systems cannot afford that luxury. After all, this gear combines dozens of intricate subsystems. Really, cooling towers can ill afford such a slipshod mode of operation. To the contrary, a strictly enforced predictive planned maintenance program should be imposed. If these regular cleaning and maintenance assignments aren’t enforced, a cooling tower performance crash can be expected. Implement a Predictive Planned Maintenance Program Repair services often happen after-the-fact. Granted, a new drift separator assembly or broken air intake louvre should be replaced, but that doesn’t change the fact, the […]

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Sustained Vibrations in Cooling Towers: Should These Be a Cause for Alarm

12 September 2019

Used as mansion-sized heat exchangers, cooling towers scoop heat out of industrial-scale complexes. If a large-scale processing plant, power generation station, or petrochemical installation produces an unmanageable thermal envelope, these monolithic, open-topped concrete towers will reject the energy. But there’s a problem: industrial buildings are often filled with working machines, and those machines generate vibrations. We need to know, will this vibrational energy affect a cooling tower’s performance? Vibrational Analysis in Cooling Tower Equipment There are different types of inner workings within the towers. Passive equipment configurations use convection currents to remove heat from large tube bundles. A little like […]

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HVAC Maintenance: The Importance of Mould Control and Removal in HVAC Systems

19 August 2019

It’s hard to place undue emphasis on this next HVAC related topic. Exaggerations are welcome here, for airflow health, as funnelled through Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning equipment is an undeniably serious matter. So, what could happen if an HVAC unit is contaminated? Tainted by patches of mould, what possible effect could these furry coatings have on someone’s health? Mould Release Respiratory Issues That’s a lot of questions. Fortunately, there are several concise answers we can put forth. Left unmaintained, to become damp and mould-congested, tiny spores are belched out by fungal colonies. The spores become airborne, they’re caught up […]

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Meeting Today’s Demands in Power Generating Facilities Through Mechanical Plant Upgrades

05 August 2019

Left untended, plant rooms become filthy places. There’s dirt being sucked in by a vent. Somewhere else, there’s a fine soot coating the controls and surfaces of a boiler. Perhaps just through a vestibule door, a power generating facility is providing emergency power during a power cut. Only, it’s hitching because of the poorly maintained mechanical plant. Filters are dirty, the equipment governor is failing, and the lights are growing dim. Plant Facility Cleanliness Although this might not seem like the most demanding job in the world, it must be done properly. Sure, the occupants of a structure aren’t going […]

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Replacing Corroded Boilers in Power Plants: Why is it a Must?

16 July 2019

In every major power plant and factory, it is important to be able to control what is going on inside of the building. When it comes to keeping your power plant running at optimum efficiency, keeping your boiler in great shape is going to be of the utmost importance. If you walk into your utility room only to find that your boiler has begun to corrode, you might be dealing with a major problem. Today, we are going to walk you through the problems that might manifest as a result of a corroded boiler. Importance of Replacing Corroded Boilers The […]

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Five Roadblocks to a Chiller’s Efficiency

02 July 2019

A single performance bottleneck can inhibit chiller efficiency. A building’s cooling plant, having experienced one such output hit, can no longer maintain a comfortable environment. Things get stiflingly hot. Maybe the equipment hasn’t been properly maintained for some time, or maybe the machinery has aged prematurely. Now, multiplied five times over, the performance roadblocks become practically unmanageable. Troubled by Maintenance Gaffes If two or three issues strike simultaneously, that’s a red flag. Basically, several seemingly disconnected mechanical defects are continually cropping up, so there’s a problem with the maintenance plan. That’s not a sustainable mode of operation, not when chillers […]

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Reasons Why Cooling Towers Fail

17 June 2019

Cooling towers represent an incredibly elegant solution to an age-old problem. The tech behind these temperature-managing constructs basically scales-up a natural process. Based on nature’s own heat exchanger mechanism, the principles at work inside the towers can be found everywhere. However, these evaporative systems have evolved to encompass many additional features, many of which assure an environmentally safe air stream. What then happens if a cooling tower fails? Troubleshooting Temperature Fluctuations The following faults are troubling, but things could be worse, as we’ll highlight in a later passage of text. A cooling tower fails because its evaporative mechanism breaks down. […]

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