6 Ways to Keep Your Industrial Chiller Functional

29 June 2022

Industrial buildings rely on various equipment pieces and devices to carry out manufacturing, transport, and other processes. As these things operate for a long time, they can generate heat that can subsequently affect the work environment of these properties. To ensure that the industrial buildings and their workplaces remain viable for employees and the equipment pieces themselves, they must utilise industrial chillers. Industrial chillers help move heat from one area to another. Once the heat is removed, the equipment pieces and devices can work fully again. Employees who are working on these buildings can likewise feel more comfortable. If you […]

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The Significance of Subjecting Your Business to Mechanical Plant Upgrade

10 June 2022

A wide array of industries maximises buildings for them to effectively carry out their operations. These buildings, which are also known as industrial plants, house numerous equipment, machines, and tools that can support different functions. They are then controlled, operated, and maintained by professionals who have been trained and worked with these things for years. Some examples of industrial plants are manufacturing plants, power plants, and chemical plants. Their purposes may be different, but they all share the same dangers that workers may encounter once they utilise the equipment, machines, and tools erroneously. They can also be exposed to dangers […]

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4 Indicators You Need an Urgent Boiler Replacement

30 May 2022

Commercial and industrial buildings use various systems to ensure that they can operate optimally. One system that they normally utilise is the boiler. Boilers are pressurised systems that utilise electricity or burn combustible fuel to generate heat. The heat is then utilised to increase the water temperature, generating enough hot water or steam for heating the said buildings. Boilers normally work alongside chillers as the latter can provide cool water for cooling the same properties. Most of these pressurised systems are made from durable and long-lasting materials, granting them a service life of around 10 to 15 years. Boilers must, […]

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The Main Purpose of Cooling Towers and Why They Require Regular Maintenance

10 May 2022

Most business operations today maximise a wide array of equipment and machines for them to be efficient and productive. As their quantity increases, the amount of heat generated out of these things can be significantly high. One of the solutions that can maintain their optimal operating conditions is to ensure their proper installation and placement. They should have enough clearances to prevent their components from overheating. Another solution is to regulate their usage. Some businesses invest in more machines so they can allow others to be turned off after utilising them for a long time. The invested machines are then […]

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How Does Protector Air Care Conduct Air Conditioning Services Professionally?

27 April 2022

Almost all commercial and industrial buildings maximise air conditioning units and other related components in conducting their operations. They need these components to maintain the optimum working temperatures of their machines. They likewise utilise these things to keep their employees safe from any health-related issues that may be generated by extremely high or low temperatures. Most air conditioning units and other related systems are designed to work for a long time. However, they still need to be serviced from time to time. Fortunately, we, at Protector Air Care, can conduct a wide array of air conditioning services professionally for building […]

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All Things You Should Know about Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Equipment Retrofits

08 April 2022

Commercial and industrial buildings typically maximise various equipment pieces to optimise their general operations. Two equipment pieces that they often use are air conditioning units and refrigeration systems. These buildings maximise air conditioning units so they can provide cool and cosy air temperatures to their rooms and spaces. Refrigeration systems, alternatively, are utilised by these properties to effectively store delicate products and, at the same time, retain their qualities. Once these equipment pieces have been installed and calibrated properly, building owners can ensure that their businesses can perform well. There are instances, however, where they must be retrofitted. The Importance […]

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Important Factors to Consider When Planning for a Mechanical Plant Machinery Upgrade

29 March 2022

Many businesses maximise mechanical plants in conducting their operations. After all, these places house operation and maintenance work needed by a specific facility or building. To ensure that these places can be effective, business owners should invest in high-quality machines and install them properly. The presence of a fully-equipped mechanical plant in a property ensures that its operations will be conducted effectively. It must also possess areas for maintenance works, storage, and other places for general industrial operations. If you are currently managing a mechanical plant, you must know when to schedule an essential machinery upgrade. After all, machines that […]

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BAS vs BMS: Choosing the Most Appropriate System for Your Property

08 March 2022

In managing your property, a wide array of systems can now be obtained from various reputable vendors. Some of these systems include Building Management Systems (BMS), Building Automation Systems (BAS), Building Energy Management Systems, and Energy Management Control Systems. For years, the names of these systems are used interchangeably as they somehow carry out the same processes. However, some changes have been introduced to these systems that make them distinctive from one another. One key element that has been introduced to some of these systems is smart analytics. Another element is advanced automated controls. Both BAS and BMS can be […]

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4 Ways Electrical Maintenance Can Benefit Your Commercial Building

24 February 2022

Commercial buildings allow businesses to conduct operations necessary for their success by maximising the right tools and machines. But the tools and machines that commercial buildings possess may differ based on the nature of a business. Food businesses, for instance, would have to invest in kitchen equipment and storage units so they can carry out their operations. Businesses that require offices, alternatively, utilise computers, projects, and other similar devices in ensuring a smooth flow of work. All these buildings, however, can only operate optimally if they have a stable electrical system. An electrical system helps in carrying, distributing, and converting […]

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The Essence of Air Filtration in Your Commercial Building in the New Normal

09 February 2022

After years of facing the threat of COVID-19, business owners are now adapting to the needs and demands of the new normal. Through the guidelines set by the health authorities and the government, they would ensure that their businesses can be safe from the spread of illnesses. One of the things that owners of commercial buildings must maximise is air filtration. Air filtration is generally carried out through an air filter system device, which eradicates solid airborne particles like germs, dust, mould, pollen, and fibres in a specific room or space. Without air filtration, buildings and their respective spaces will […]

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