Cooling Towers and their Working Principles

20 May 2019

Cooling towers are essential machines that are used to pull heat outside of a building. Cooling towers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You’ll see cooling towers used at nuclear power plants. You’ll also find cooling towers at universities, hospitals, and even commercial warehouses. No matter what the application, the right cooling tower can make a dramatic impact on the environment inside of a building. Today, we are going to discuss how cooling towers work. Cooling Towers 101 – How Do Cooling Towers Work? Cooling towers are essentially a form of specialised heat exchanger. These devices allow air […]

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Commercial Air Conditioning Installation: Important Tips for Hiring an Air Conditioning Installer

01 May 2019

Without an efficient air conditioning or AC system in your building, the indoor environment will be quite uncomfortable, especially during the warm and hot months of the year. This can lead to a reduction in profits since your employees will slow down as a result of the high, stuffy temperatures. To ensure that your AC system works on an optimal way whenever you need it, hire only a qualified air conditioning installation and service provider. We offer you some valuable tips on how to hire the right one for you in the following.  Inquire about the Installer’s Insurance Coverage and […]

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Cooling Tower Cleaning Services: Reasons Why Drift Eliminators Must Be Well-Maintained

17 April 2019

Vigorously administered housekeeping assignment don’t just clean cooling towers, they entirely disinfect their inner workings. That’s how the various equipment sections stay sanitized, no matter the time of the year. Drift issues, however, take a fraction of that medium out of the primary cooling stream. The drift content evaporates, then it recondenses elsewhere. Fortunately, those tiny droplets are captured by drift eliminators. Keeping this cycle operational, a maintenance strategy takes charge of matters.  Reconciling Mist Capture Wear As the tiny droplets evaporate, the cooling tower leverages a change in the airborne stream’s velocity. The drift loss changes direction and falls […]

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Air Conditioning and Refrigeration: HVAC System Maintenance and Repair Services in Melbourne

08 April 2019

HVAC systems play an important role in commercial businesses. They can do far more than just provide a comfortable atmosphere for the employees, clients and visitors of these entities. Some businesses cannot perform their daily functions safely unless the temperature stays steady all throughout the year. Whichever is the reason that you need to ensure that your HVAC system is in prime operating condition at all times, the only way to accomplish this is by receiving quality maintenance and repair services.  Benefits of Keeping Your HVAC System Operating on an Optimal Level You maintain a comfortable work and business environment […]

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