Why Should You opt for a Commercial Chiller Replacement instead of Having it Repaired?

23 August 2021

Establishments in the foodservice, manufacturing, and other similar industries have to utilise cold storage solutions for them to store and preserve the quality of their products. One of the cold storage solutions that they can maximise is the commercial chiller.

Commercial chillers can store and preserve the quality of a wide array of products since they can maintain cold temperatures inside their storage units. With the presence of a compressor, condenser coil and fans, and an evaporator, these chillers can ensure that the needed cold air inside their storage compartment will be processed, transported, and sustained throughout their operations.

While many of these chillers can operate for a long time, some of them may suddenly fail to operate. The owners of faulty chillers would then have them repaired right away. There are times, however, that replacing the faulty commercial chillers is preferable to repairing them due to the following reasons.

Years of Service

If you are utilising a commercial chiller for your establishment for a long time, then it might have already worked beyond its average service life. Most commercial chillers that have worked past their average service life can develop some problems, leading to their gradual or quick deterioration in the long run. And even if some of their components can still be repaired, their small yet crucial components might be already phased out. Maximising your old chiller will likewise hinder you from maximising the advancements available to modern chiller units. Given these factors, replacing your commercial chiller entirely is certainly much preferable to repairing your old unit.

Repair Costs

Another reason why you should opt for a commercial chiller replacement rather than having it repaired is that multiple repairs can be costly. A commercial chiller, as previously stated, is meant to work effectively for a long time. But if your particular chiller breaks down repeatedly, then there might be something wrong with its components. At times, despite servicing the broken components numerous times, problems with the chillers may continue to rise and develop. As more repairs are done, the more money you will be spending. Once you have accounted for all the expenses you have poured over the repair services, you may be surprised at how the repair costs have exceeded the price of a newer and much powerful chiller.

Energy Efficiency

One more reason why you must replace your faulty commercial chiller completely instead of repairing it is that it can provide you with a more efficient chiller unit. Your faulty commercial chiller that is already old and has worked excessively for the past couple of years may already give you headaches in terms of expensive repair costs. Additionally, since past models of chillers do not possess components that can make their operations efficient, opting for them would only continue your struggle in keeping the energy bills low. Replacing your faulty commercial chiller, alternatively, can guarantee you a unit that can perform effectively and carry out your needed cold storage operations without consuming too much energy.

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