What Makes Protector Air Care’s Engineering Services Effective and Safe?

11 October 2022

Commercial and industrial buildings maximise air conditioning systems to make their workplaces and other significant rooms cool. They also utilise refrigeration systems to effectively store products and items under low temperatures.

These systems alongside other machines and equipment should all be serviced properly to make sure they operate optimally. Fortunately, we at Protector Air Care strive for perfection. We generally ensure total customer satisfaction by providing high-quality services to businesses that use air conditioning, refrigeration, and other relevant systems. Other system units that we can service include chillers, boilers, and cooling towers.

Services Offered by Protector Air Care

Since January 1993, we have been providing high-quality services to the commercial and industrial sectors. These services cover air conditioning units, refrigeration systems, chillers, boilers, and cooling towers. With our decades of existence in the industry, we have already serviced clients throughout Melbourne, Victoria, and Regional Victoria.

Our company, since its inception, has been constantly evolving with the key purpose of providing and delivering exceptional services to our customers. We also take an innovative approach so we can provide sound economical solutions to business owners. 

One of our specialisations is the comprehensive essential services and maintenance in conforming with the likes of A.S1851.6, A.S 3666, and A.S 1668.2. We also specialise in chiller services, rebuilds, and replacements, air conditioning and refrigeration mechanical services and installations, and retrofits on air conditioning and refrigeration plants and equipment.

We can likewise conduct mechanical preventative maintenance, boiler services and replacements, cooling tower mechanical services, installation of electrical controls, thermostat upgrades, and monitoring of BAS systems, BMS systems, and DDC controls.

Effectiveness and Safety are Important

All our services and offerings are heavily appreciated by various business owners as we carry them out optimally.

The effectiveness of our services is brought by our team’s adoption of standardised and continually evaluated procedures in detecting lead indicators of failure within plant systems and units. We also make sure regular monthly maintenance will be done on-site, preventing future failures from happening and ruining the daily operations of businesses.

Our team also carry out validation and qualification protocols. We even ensure that delays will be prevented at the critical commissioning or handover stage. And to make sure that projects will be recorded properly, we maximise site maintenance and service logbooks on site. The presence of these documents helps new technicians to still conduct services based on previous recordings. And speaking of recordings, all detected failures and their causes are logged and categorised to keep everything organised and systematic.

Safety is another aspect of our services that makes us highly valued by property owners. Our OH&S system has been certified to Work Cover Standards and Requirements. We also comply with all relevant regulations and external standards from BCA, AS Standards, and Public Health Act. Throughout our operations, we ensure that a safe working environment for our technicians, staff, and clients will be achieved to prevent unnecessary mishaps and accidents.

To acquire our services, you can contact us at Protector Air Care.

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