What are the Advantages of Building Automation Systems?

28 April 2020

Most commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings have electrical, security, and heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems that supply all their utility and security needs. While these systems are easily manageable, controlling them individually can be quite hassle for the assigned personnel. Fortunately, there is a solution to this staggering problem.

Controlling all the systems on a building can now be done with a building automation system (BAS). This system offers enhanced and centralised control of the various systems of a building. To save money, it can automatically monitor and adapt to various elements like time, date, room usage, and environmental conditions. Apart from the aforementioned systems, BAS can also manage lighting, water, and window systems. 

Installing BAS can make your building cost-efficient, especially when it comes to managing security and utilities. Here are a few advantages of installing and using BAS in your building.

Reduced Energy Costs

The presence of BAS in your building can help your building systems run more efficiently. This centralized system can automate your systems with sensors and timers, which can be helpful in data collection for optimising your building’s energy usage and implementing potential improvements. BAS can also pre-program the settings of your systems so that they can operate at your preferred schedule, temperature, and other elements. 

Enhanced Comfortability

Relying on certain elements, the BAS can also enhance the comfortability of your whole building by automatically adjusting the temperature, lighting, and other elements. For instance, when the outside temperature drops, the BAS can quickly turn on the heating system to maintain the optimum body temperature of the people inside the building. Providing comfort to your building can help boost productivity among employees or gain positive insights from your occupants.

Improved Controls

BAS can give you total controls over specific utility lines and security devices. In a typical scenario, many appliances and devices are plugged into your electrical outlets. Even when a device is shut off, it can still consume energy if it is plugged in. Through BAS, it can effectively regulate the plug loads that will be transmitted onto unused devices, appliances, and equipment. Aside from automatic plug loads control, BAS also allows you to access control over various building systems through your computer or a smartphone. You can easily turn on, turn off, or adjust the settings of your system from the palm of your hand. 

Increased Security

The BAS can help you increase the security of your building since it allows you to monitor all the happenings within your facilities. With BAS, any suspicious activities on your building can trigger certain alarms for you. This system can even notify you in case of emergencies. If you must lock or unlock the doors of your building, you can easily do it with BAS. However, if you want to avoid any false alarms, the BAS allows you to use intelligent filters or prioritise non-critical events into different urgency levels. 

Reduced Maintenance

The automation and control capabilities of BAS allow your systems to run on levels that are acceptable and optimum for your whole building. Any breakdowns and issues can be mitigated right away since BAS can quickly suspend the operations of your system whenever necessary. With BAS, expect your HVAC, electricity, water, and security systems to have a longer service life and lesser wear and tear.

The presence of BAS on your building can help you maintain the safe and secure operations of your utility and security systems. If you want to know more about this system, just give us a call at Protector Air Care Pty Ltd. We have been providing high-quality services for the air conditioning and mechanical services sector since January 1993 and will continue to do so in the future.

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