Understanding Retrofitting of Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Plants and Equipment

07 June 2019

There are many reasons that a commercial warehouse or industrial property would consider retrofitting their facility. Retrofitting is an in-depth process that can help refrigeration plants accommodate their environmental control needs. Additionally, retrofitting can help to create viability for old and outdated equipment that needs to be used in a modern working environment. If this all sounds confusing to you, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we are going to be discussing the process and importance of retrofitting.

Understanding the Process of Retrofitting
There are many, many reasons that a business owner might consider seeking out the assistance of a professional commercial HVAC team. Retrofitting is among the most requested services for industrial complexes and commercial warehouses. So, what exactly IS retrofitting? Well, retrofitting is, essentially, the act of adapting old technology for modern use. There are a few different ways that this process can play out.

1) Retrofitting for Air Conditioning – If your commercial property lacks the set-up necessary for a modern air conditioning system, retrofitting could potentially be your solution. In this scenario, a commercial HVAC team would visit your building in order to analyse your current system. If you have an old and outdated air conditioning system, retrofitting will entail modifying your old system in order to accommodate new technology. This could entail installing new ducting, removing outdated appliances, or creating adaptors for old HVAC systems. 

Benefits: You typically won’t have to start from scratch when retrofitting your building. Additionally, you’ll be able to save a significant amount of money when you opt to retrofit rather than install a completely new system. Finally, you’ll benefit from a modernised system that is more energy efficient and convenient.

2) Retrofitting for Refrigeration Equipment – Let’s say that your refrigeration plant has several chillers installed. Your chillers are old, outdated, but still functioning. It would be expensive to tear these chillers out in order to make room for newer models. Instead, you could consider retrofitting the appliances. You can potentially install new fan controllers, replace old compressor screws, or even add in new high-efficiency compressors.

Benefits: You keep your old equipment while enjoying the perks of new technology. You also save a significant amount of money. The process is typically quick and convenient.

If you are looking to retrofit your commercial property, you are going to need to roll through a checklist. Almost every commercial property can enjoy the benefits of retrofitting. However, the best retrofitting solutions will be found by those with a system that is already in decent working condition. Retrofitting is an ideal way to improve a system that needs just a little more shine to operate at maximum potential.

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