Top 6 Root Causes of Industrial Machine Failures

24 August 2022

Different industries rely on industrial buildings and plants to carry out their primary operations. These properties, after all, have enough space to accommodate the machines they need to utilise for their processes. They can likewise house numerous employees in specific workstations, making their operations effective and productive.

But the effectiveness and productiveness of industrial processes can deteriorate very quickly if the machines break down and fail. Without conducting servicing and repairs, the lack of fully functional machines will only lead to a decrease in revenues and product output.

If you currently own or manage an industrial building, knowing the reasons behind faulty machines can help you pinpoint them right away. Here are some of the most common root causes of industrial machine failures.

1. Improper Treatment

Before operating the industrial machines, workers must be briefed and trained about the operating procedures of the said things. They are likewise tasked to read the manuals carefully to let them know how to use them optimally. Failure to provide adequate training, assessment, and reminders to the workers can easily lead to the improper usage of industrial machines, which can then cause the breakdown of the machines. 

2. Dirty Surroundings

Industrial machines may pick up dust, dirt, and other similar elements along the way. Hence, they are recommended to be cleaned regularly. However, they can still be bombarded with these things despite their regular cleaning if their surroundings are full of dirt, pests, and other debris. Without enforcing a strict cleaning schedule on the workstations, the performance of the machines can be affected severely until they no longer work.

3. Exceeding the Limit

Somehow similar to the first root cause, exceeding the limits of industrial machines can also lead to their downfall. Machines and tools used inside an industrial plant all have operational limits. Once these limits have been reached, employees should let them rest so they can work optimally again. Exceeding the limits, alternatively, will only wear them out quickly due to the constant physical stress on their components.

4. Poor Maintenance

Assessment and maintenance are essential to keep the machines working based on their intended applications. Now, if they are being used for a long time without any upkeep, employees can expect them to run poorly after a long time. Worse, they can break down entirely, leading to reduced product output. The maintenance of machines should be able to cover the removal of excess lubricant or oil, minimising wear, and adjusting their components.

5. Lack of Lubrication

Lubrication is necessary for machines as it minimises the friction between their moving components. With minimal friction, the machines can easily prevent damages that lead to their deterioration. The lack of proper lubrication, on the other hand, will only heat some of the components until they erode. As the eroded parts continue to be utilised, the damages they can generate to the machines can become worse over time.

6. Improper Scheduling

One more reason behind machine failures is improper scheduling. Every process conducted towards the industrial machines should be scheduled properly. From their check-up to their maintenance, all these things should be scheduled right away to prevent them from getting damaged. Failure to follow the upkeep schedule of machines, which covers checking the lubrication, filters, and sealing, will only lead to their premature failure.

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