Thermostat Upgrades: Overcome Legacy System Challenges in Industrial Plants

08 March 2024

Thermostat Upgrades

Improve efficiency and reliability in industrial plants with thermostat upgrades by Protector Air Care. Upgrade thermostats to overcome legacy system issues.

Industrial plants must be subjected to thermostat upgrades to help maintain and optimise their operating temperatures. Most of the time, they are paired with legacy thermostat systems that often pose challenges like limited functionality, poor accuracy, and high energy consumption. Upgrading their thermostat systems can overcome these challenges and unlock numerous benefits.

Challenges with Legacy System

Older, legacy thermostat systems in industrial plants often suffer from numerous limitations. Some of them are as follows.

•  Limited Functionality: Older thermostats often lack advanced features such as programmable settings, remote access, and integration with building management systems, which limits their control capabilities and flexibility.

•  Poor Accuracy: Outdated thermostats may likewise exhibit inaccuracies in temperature sensing and control. This particular issue leads to inefficient HVAC operation and discomfort for workers.

•  High Energy Consumption: Inefficient thermostats can then result in unnecessary energy usage, leading to higher utility bills and environmental impact.

•  Maintenance Issues: Aging thermostat systems may be prone to malfunctions, requiring frequent repairs and downtime for troubleshooting and servicing. Their parts and components may also become obsolete over time, making their upkeep more challenging.

Factors for Thermostat Upgrade

Protector Air Care can carry out thermostat upgrades in your industrial plant. However, we must consider numerous factors to ensure everything will be done smoothly.

One of the factors we consider is compatibility. We must ensure that the new thermostat system is compatible with your existing HVAC equipment and building infrastructure. We must also account for scalability to make sure that the thermostat solution can accommodate future expansion or changes in plant operations. We also consider energy efficiency. Our team takes advantage of energy-efficient thermostat models to maximise savings and environmental benefits.

After accounting for these factors, our experienced and skilled team will replace legacy thermostat solutions with new ones. We can then facilitate training for your staff so they can utilise the new thermostat system effectively.

Benefits of Thermostat Upgrade 

Upgrading thermostat systems in your industrial plant offers several benefits.

First, modern thermostats with advanced sensors, algorithms, and control logic can help optimise your industrial plant’s temperature regulation, reducing energy consumption and operating costs. Upgraded thermostats also provide greater control over temperature settings, schedules, and zoning, allowing for tailored climate control based on your specific plant requirements.

Some modern thermostats may even feature remote access capabilities, enabling facility managers like you to monitor and adjust settings from anywhere using mobile devices or computers. Upgraded thermostats can then integrate seamlessly with your building automation systems, allowing for coordinated control of HVAC, lighting, and other building systems for enhanced efficiency and comfort.

Advanced thermostat systems, ultimately, can take advantage of predictive analytics and diagnostics, enabling proactive maintenance to prevent equipment failures and downtime.

Thermostat upgrades in industrial plants are necessary for overcoming legacy system challenges and improving efficiency, comfort, and sustainability. By hiring Protector Air Care, your industrial facility can achieve greater control, energy savings, and reliability in temperature regulation, which leads to enhanced productivity and competitiveness in today’s vibrant marketplace.

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