The Significance of Regular Building Automation System Maintenance

21 November 2022

The daily operations of commercial and industrial buildings can be tough, especially if the demand for their products or services gets high during specific weeks or months. During these times, most of their equipment or machines must operate to effectively carry out their processes. Additionally, they have to utilise stable building systems to keep everything running.

But the continuous improvements in technology allow these buildings to work efficiently throughout their operations. One product of technological advancements that can hugely help businesses is known as the building automation system.

Working Principles of Building Automation System

A building automation system (BAS) aims to monitor and control systems that can provide significant improvements to building operations. It is often comprised of automation and control systems that are connected to lighting, HVAC, security access, cameras, and alarms. They all then converge into one IT-management network infrastructure, making sure that everything will be accounted for. The presence of this system makes a building smart and efficient.

Through the installation of BAS, business owners can expect their system units to work more efficiently, cutting their energy costs by a huge amount. This system can also cut maintenance costs, improve indoor air quality, enhance the overall comfort of occupants, boost productivity among employees, and ensure the safety and security of everyone inside the building.

Building Automation System Requires Maintenance

Installing a BAS in your building is a great move as it can make your business more lucrative. However, if you do not maintain it regularly, it will only lead to consequences that could cause the downfall of your operations.

Without maintaining your BAS regularly, your system units might already wear out before the end of their service life, which can then lead to higher replacement and maintenance costs. The presence of faulty building systems may also cause unnecessary downtimes on your property. Another consequence of neglecting BAS maintenance is the occurrence of short cycling. Short cycling happens when your equipment turns on and off repetitively. As time passes, their components may wear out quickly, which will also cost you more money.

Failure to maintain your BAS regularly can likewise lead to the failure of your sensors, stuck actuators, and unexpected equipment replacement. Risks of fire and other building damage can also happen due to faulty BAS components.

Keep Your Building Automation System Operational

Regular maintenance can ensure that your BAS will work effectively throughout the operations of your building.

One way to maintain your BAS is to review your control schemes. The control scheme of your BAS can help its components automate lighting, humidity, temperature, and other elements of your building. Having your BAS control scheme reviewed by a technician regularly can help them determine whether the system performs optimally with your building or not. Improvements and modifications will then be applied whenever necessary. 

Aside from reviewing and optimising your control schemes, your BAS can also be maintained by optimising its control sequences. Control sequences involve inputs and commands that would regulate the operations of the BAS units. Optimising them can help them achieve their peak performance without drawing too much energy. One more thing that can be done to maintain your BAS is to update its software. Keeping it up to date can ensure that your system components can attain all the latest features and improvements.

If you need some help with your BAS, you can contact us at Protector Air Care.

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