The Significance of Cooling Tower Fill Media Replacement

08 July 2021

Cooling towers play a significant role in properties. They can provide a cost-effective way of cooling the spaces and areas that require specific temperatures. These cooling towers function by utilising large quantities of water and their components to remove the heat from the property.

Properties such as manufacturing facilities, petroleum refineries, and power plants maximise cooling towers in carrying out their operations. After all, heat can be destructive to the regular operations and processes of these properties. But for cooling towers to be truly effective on several industrial buildings, their fill media must be replaced at some point of their use.

Replacing Fill Media is a Must

The fill media of the cooling tower is responsible for its cooling action. This component allows air and water to mix and interact so that the cooling requirements of a property can be provided. Without efficient fill media, the cooling capabilities of the cooling tower can be affected negatively.

Just like other cooling tower components, the quality of fill media may deteriorate as time passes. And at some point in the cooling tower’s operations, this specific component may get damaged and become old, reducing its overall effectiveness. With old or damaged fill media, the heat transfer level of the cooling tower may also decrease significantly.

Replacing the fill media, therefore, can grant owners of cooling towers a significant boost on their overall cooling performance. It can likewise extend the service life of the cooling towers, save time and money, and obtain maximum output as the cooling towers operate.

Signs of a Damaged Fill Media

Fortunately, there are vital signs that can confirm the need to replace damaged or old fill media. If you are currently running cooling towers for your operations, then you need to know the following signs.

  • Calcium Build-up: The water used for your cooling tower often has calcium that can accumulate in the fill during its operations. And the longer you use the cooling tower, the more calcium your fill media will obtain. Once the fill media has a calcium build-up, both air and water will find it difficult to pass through, compromising the overall functionality of the cooling tower.
  • Uneven Water Distribution: Somehow related to calcium build-up, having a clogged or blocked fill media can affect the distribution of water. Aside from blocking the air from passing through easily, the water circulation inside your cooling tower may become uneven, reducing its system performance.
  • More Energy Usage: The growing issues that are plaguing the fill media can ultimately lead to a gradual increase in energy use. Your cooling tower, which has blocked passage of air and uneven distribution of water, does not have any choice but to use more energy just to meet the cooling demands of your property. But despite consuming more energy, the overall cooling capacity of the cooling tower will remain negligible, providing you with just higher energy bills. 

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