The Main Purpose of Cooling Towers and Why They Require Regular Maintenance

10 May 2022

Most business operations today maximise a wide array of equipment and machines for them to be efficient and productive. As their quantity increases, the amount of heat generated out of these things can be significantly high.

One of the solutions that can maintain their optimal operating conditions is to ensure their proper installation and placement. They should have enough clearances to prevent their components from overheating. Another solution is to regulate their usage. Some businesses invest in more machines so they can allow others to be turned off after utilising them for a long time. The invested machines are then maximised to continue their business operations.

But one efficient way of cooling the machines and the industrial plants is by installing cooling towers. Knowing some things about cooling towers can help you gain some insight into their effectiveness.

Main Purpose

Cooling towers are heat rejection devices that can remove heat waste from a building into the atmosphere. Some cooling towers utilise evaporation to remove heat. Others, alternatively, rely on air in rejecting heat waste. Most types of cooling towers maximise water basins, fill surfaces, and gear drives in conducting their primary operations.

Even though cooling towers may differ in terms of their operations, they generally share the same purpose. The main purpose of cooling towers is to remove heat from a property and send it to the atmosphere. A lot of heat sources can be identified inside a property. Some process materials, for instance, might be heated as part of the industrial processes. Machines likewise get hot as they carry out their operations. With cooling towers, the heat from these things can be removed efficiently.

Given the purpose of cooling towers, they are generally used in petroleum refineries, food processing plants, natural gas plants, and petrochemical plants to remove heat.


The placement of cooling towers can help industrial plants and buildings carry out major industrial processes. But as time passes, they may encounter issues and problems that are caused by lack of maintenance. Without any upkeep, they may eventually fail in cooling industrial plants. They can likewise yield higher operational costs and shorter service life. Poorly maintained cooling towers can even serve as a breeding ground for Legionella bacteria, which normally cause Legionnaires’ disease. The absence of immediate maintenance will expose people to the disease, increasing their risk of getting pneumonia. 

To ensure that cooling towers will be free from these issues and problems, property owners should have them checked and inspected by professionals regularly. They must likewise treat the towers’ water with antimicrobial substances. Incorporating parts that have been made from antimicrobial resins can also prevent Legionella bacteria from thriving and spreading.

With proper maintenance, cooling towers inside a building can effectively ensure good operations of machines and make its surroundings favourable to employees. To know more about cooling tower maintenance, you can contact us at Protector Air Care.

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