The Importance of HVAC Cleaning and Maintenance When Restarting After Covid19 Shutdown

15 June 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has temporarily ceased the operations of different businesses across the country. The halt in business operations only means that office spaces and various commercial buildings must be closed as well. All systems but security systems are turned off during these times.

One of the systems that are affected during the COVID-19 shutdown is the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. As we all know, this specific system helps in maintaining the optimal temperature of a whole building. It is also maximised to remove harmful contaminants in the air. As various businesses are now allowed to be open again, the need to restart this system is a must to ensure a great working environment and condition.

Keep in mind, though, that proper cleaning and maintenance of the HVAC system must be done first when restarting after COVID-19 shutdown due to the following factors:

Health and Safety Situation

Restarting your HVAC systems without cleaning and maintaining them can be dangerous for you, your workers, and other people in general. During shutdown periods, your HVAC system units like cooling towers and condenser water systems may have accumulated corrosion on their surfaces. Additionally, some parts of your system may have been left altered, abandoned, or capped, which consequently contributes to the formation of stagnant water. Any deterioration that may have occurred on some of your HVAC system units can also lead to mould growth

The majority of these things can happen during the whole shutdown. And if you do not clean and maintain your HVAC system, all these problems can contribute to numerous health issues. When people are exposed to the air produced by a poorly maintained and newly restarted HVAC system, they may experience frequent colds, chronic headaches, allergies, asthma, itchy skin, irritated nasal passages, or dry eyes. Contracting Legionnaires’ disease is also possible with contaminated air.

Condition of HVAC System

Aside from keeping people safe from diseases, the cleaning and maintenance of the HVAC system are also essential to keep the condition of this system’s units at their highest quality. The opening of commercial facilities may vary depending on the nature of the business. Some businesses can already open as of right now, while others may need to take more time before resuming business operations. Whatever the situation is, the life cycle of HVAC system units continues even if they are turned off for a long time.

After the COVID-19 shutdown, your HVAC system must be cleaned and maintained well to ensure the longevity of its units. You can expect your air conditioning units to still provide adequate cooling and heating to your building if they are cleaned before turning them on again. The efficiency of your cooling towers and condenser water systems is also preserved when you subject them to cleaning and maintenance first. The number of sudden and emergency repairs for your whole HVAC system is also minimised with cleaning and maintenance, which ultimately helps you save time and money. Cleaning and maintenance of the HVAC system are very important when you restart the system after the COVID-19 shutdown. If you need help with HVAC cleaning and maintenance, you can give us a call at Protector Air Care.

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