The Importance of Efficiency in HVAC Control Systems

26 May 2021

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems have been very helpful in a lot of commercial and industrial properties as they typically provide numerous benefits. For one, these systems can significantly improve indoor air quality through effective filtration components. There are even HVAC systems that can obtain fresh outdoor air and release it indoors in exchange for the already contaminated indoor air. Temperature and other elements of the air can likewise be regulated with these systems.

Aside from indoor air quality, temperature, and other elements, HVAC systems can also conserve tons of energy as both heating and cooling can already be produced out of system units. And if they operate out of renewable energy, then the energy savings can be amplified instantly.

But did you know that all these previously mentioned benefits of HVAC systems can still be boosted by HVAC control systems? As technology advances, the control systems that are designed for HVAC units have improved significantly for the past few years. Hence, owners of commercial and industrial properties are expected to attain more enhancements over these control systems.

Streamlining Control Settings

HVAC control systems let property owners manage the temperature settings of HVAC units and components. Before, the setting of temperature must be done manually, which can be truly time-consuming and tiring. Setting everything up can likewise be tedious as some units are difficult to operate. But through HVAC control systems, all the units that are connected under one network can already be regulated and controlled. Aside from the temperature settings, property owners can effectively monitor the condition of the HVAC units and resolve issues whenever necessary.

Integrating Building Systems

Commercial and industrial properties rely heavily on not only the HVAC system but also other building systems that are significant to their daily operations. Heating and cooling property areas are not enough to make the properties operational. Lights, security systems, fire protection, and other significant fittings and equipment pieces must also be present inside these properties. Luckily, HVAC control systems can likewise integrate and control lighting, security systems, fire protection, and other similar units. Even they come from different manufacturers, control systems today can already support them fully.

Reducing Energy Consumption

Buildings that are used for commercial and industrial operations are expected to consume a lot of energy since they use a lot of appliances and equipment pieces. But by managing all possible heating and cooling units by a control system, the overall energy consumption can be reduced significantly. The temperatures of the heating or cooling unit can be adjusted according to the occupancy of a specific area or room. Even the air quality, as well as the carbon dioxide levels, can be regulated actively. Aside from HVAC units, the control system can also manage the operations of lights, security system, and others.

For more information about HVAC control systems, just give us a call at Protector Air Care. Our firm can provide energy-efficient and sustainable solutions to mechanical services within the commercial, retail, and industrial environments. We do this by conducting installations, mechanical works, preventative maintenance scheduled services, and energy-efficient management services.

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