The Essence of Regular Industrial Chiller Maintenance

16 December 2021

Industrial buildings have spaces dedicated to manufacturing, storing, and distributing a wide array of parts and products. To ensure that these processes are conducted optimally, business owners have to invest in different types of equipment pieces and tools.

Various equipment pieces and tools are known to operate for a very long time, especially during busy seasons. As they carry out their operations, a lot of heat is expected to be generated from their core components. While it is normal for them to produce heat, business owners still have to ensure that their surroundings will be cool enough to sustain their service life.

In sustaining their service life, business owners like you would have to opt for quality industrial chillers.

The Working Principles of Industrial Chillers

Industrial chillers are generally utilised to decrease the temperature of equipment pieces and tools. They can likewise lower the temperature of spaces as well as process fluids that are needed for various industrial operations such as metal plating, food processing, and oilfield production. As heat is reduced, businesses can expect minimised equipment shutdowns and maximised production times.

To ensure that heat is removed from these things and places, industrial chillers must transfer heat from one area to another. This specific function can be done by maximising a vapour-compression, absorption refrigeration, or absorption refrigeration cycles. Through a heat exchanger, the liquid utilised on these cycles will be circulated to effectively cool equipment pieces and other parts of the industrial buildings.

Industrial Chiller Maintenance is Necessary

If you currently own an industrial chiller, you must make sure that it will be maintained regularly. Regular maintenance of your industrial chiller is necessary so that you can obtain numerous benefits. 

One benefit of regular industrial chiller maintenance is that it can make the equipment energy-efficient. Since parts and components of the chiller will be assessed and maintained accordingly, the chiller does not have to consume too much energy to keep the industrial building cool. Another benefit of maintaining your industrial chiller is that it can help you monitor the chiller’s refrigerant levels. Knowing the amount of your chiller’s refrigerant can give you an idea about its cooling capabilities and if it can still provide the necessary cooling for your property.

Other benefits of maintaining your industrial chiller regularly include the lower emission of greenhouse gases and the early detection of problems and issues with the chiller.

Essential Steps in Maintaining Your Chiller

When maintaining your industrial chiller, you must ensure that all water inlets and outlets will be checked for any leaks. Checks for leaks, oil levels, vibrations, and others must also be done on all components of the compressor unit. Another maintenance activity that must be done on your industrial chiller is the assessment and replacement of old or faulty filters.

If you need professional help in maintaining your industrial chiller, you must call us at Protector Air Care. We are an Australian owned and operated company that strives for perfection to ensure total customer satisfaction. We have been providing high-quality services for the air-conditioning, refrigeration and mechanical services sector since January 1993 and will continue to do so in the future.

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