The Essence of Air Filtration in Your Commercial Building in the New Normal

09 February 2022

After years of facing the threat of COVID-19, business owners are now adapting to the needs and demands of the new normal. Through the guidelines set by the health authorities and the government, they would ensure that their businesses can be safe from the spread of illnesses.

One of the things that owners of commercial buildings must maximise is air filtration. Air filtration is generally carried out through an air filter system device, which eradicates solid airborne particles like germs, dust, mould, pollen, and fibres in a specific room or space. Without air filtration, buildings and their respective spaces will be bombarded with harmful elements, which can then affect human health. 

COVID-19 can spread through droplets in the surfaces and the air. And so, if you want to keep your commercial building free from COVID-19 inspection, then you must opt for effective air filtration.

Air Filtration in the New Normal

Air filtration in the new normal is a must so that COVID-19 particles, as well as other contaminants, will be removed. The removal of these elements can then prevent any type of viral outbreak in your building, ensuring that the productivity and performance of businesses will remain top-notch.

But before air filtration can yield great benefits to your commercial building, the devices used for this particular process must be cleaned and maintained regularly first. Cleaning and maintaining air filtration devices such as ozone generators, ionisers, and ultraviolet and plasma-based devices can help remove all the collected dirty elements. Once these activities are done, people inside your building can expect fresh and healthy air instead of inhaling poor quality air.

Key Advantages of Air Filtration

The practice of air filtration in your commercial building in the new normal can provide tons of advantages and benefits to the people inside of the property.

For one, air filtration can easily remove airborne viruses and bacteria in most areas of the building. The absence of these elements can ensure that employees, visitors, and others will not get sick. Air filtration, additionally, can promote safety among people. It does not only eradicate harmful viruses and bacteria but can also remove lint and others that could accumulate in the ductwork. Once these things are removed, fire hazards are expected to be eliminated.

Air filtration does not only benefit the people inside your commercial building. It can also benefit all the equipment, d├ęcor, and other similar things. Air filtration can protect these things from being filled with airborne dust. Maintenance is likewise reduced with these things as air filtration already removes elements that lead to their wear and deterioration.

Perishable products are likewise saved from contamination and spoilage as soon as air filtration is present inside your commercial building.

Filter Air with Protector Air Care

If you need help in ensuring proper air filtration in your commercial building, you must call us at Protector Air Care. We are an Australian owned and operated company that strives for perfection to ensure total customer satisfaction. We have been providing high-quality services for the air-conditioning, refrigeration and mechanical services sector since January 1993 and will continue to do so in the future.

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