Replacing Corroded Boilers in Power Plants: Why is it a Must?

16 July 2019

In every major power plant and factory, it is important to be able to control what is going on inside of the building. When it comes to keeping your power plant running at optimum efficiency, keeping your boiler in great shape is going to be of the utmost importance. If you walk into your utility room only to find that your boiler has begun to corrode, you might be dealing with a major problem. Today, we are going to walk you through the problems that might manifest as a result of a corroded boiler.

Importance of Replacing Corroded Boilers

The boiler in your power plant is going to be depended on to handle a variety of important tasks, including moving heat around the building. When your boiler begins to show signs of rust and corrosion, you might end up staring at a ticking time bomb. While nobody wants to hear that they need to replace their boiler, corrosion can be the deciding factor. Why is a corroded boiler such a problem? That’s a great question, so let’s break down the problems that corroded boilers can cause.

1) Holes Can Develop – When rust begins to form on your boiler, you are basically going to begin watching the clock. There is no way to stop rust from spreading or to make it simply go away. As a result, corrosion will continue to spread, thinning out the metal until holes start to form. The boiler in your power plant obviously shouldn’t have holes in it, so this is a major cause for concern. Eventually, these holes can create leaks that will damage your property.

2) System Efficiency Loss – As your boiler continues to develop corrosion issues, the efficiency of the appliance will deplete. Even if the corrosion is only spreading slowly, you’ll notice a reduction in the ability of your boiler to transfer heat throughout your building. If you are running a power plant, you can’t have an inefficient boiler bogging down your system.

3) Major Leaks – Even if you don’t have major corrosion, small corrosion can begin to develop pitting. Pitting can spread without you realising it, thus allowing small leaks to begin to form. These leaks can damage your boiler, your building, and the efficiency of your entire system. Major leaks can develop over time which can lead to substantial property damage if it is not caught early enough.

If you see corrosion on your boiler, don’t wait for larger problems to develop. A pitted or corroded boiler needs to be replaced as soon as possible. If you fear that your boiler is experiencing rust problems, contact Protector Air Care for a quick and convenient replacement.

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