Most Common Issues with Boilers and How to Resolve Them

18 November 2021

Boilers are equipment pieces that are intended to heat fluid and produce steam. They often work alongside other systems since they can provide enough energy to power them. The steam produced by the boilers can effectively carry out tons of applications such as cooking, central heating, water heating, power generation, and even sanitation.

The main purpose and functionality of boilers can be effectively carried out if they are maintained effectively. However, even with regular assessment and maintenance, boilers can still encounter issues and problems that can hinder them from operating optimally.

Some of the most common issues with boilers and their respective solutions are as follows:

Absence of Heat or Hot Water

One of the most common issues with boilers is the absence of heat or hot water. Boilers, as previously stated, are expected to produce steam. If they suddenly stop producing the needed heat or hot water, they will not be able to provide power to various machines and devices. Boilers with this issue must be checked and serviced by experts so that the affected parts will be fixed. 

Dripping and Leaking

Another issue that is common among boilers is the presence of drips and leaks. Drips and leaks, which often cause water to surround the boiler tanks or pipes, are most often caused by corroded boilers. With the accumulation of rust, some parts of the boilers and pipes may get damaged, leading to water drip or leak. Aside from corrosion, boilers can also drip or leak once their seals have aged. They can likewise possess this issue once the pressure valve becomes too high or the systems have been overworked. Fixing the damaged or affected parts can somehow resolve the dripping and leaking issues.

Boiling Sound or Kettling

Kettles often produce a sound whenever they boil. Once this specific sound is produced by the boilers or pipes, then they are manifesting the kettling sound. Kettling can be characterised by the sound of a boiling kettle. However, it can likewise be heard as an odd rumbling noise. The occurrence of this sound may be caused by deposits inside the boilers’ heat exchanger that have already clogged the water flow on the said part. To resolve this issue, the boilers are recommended to be flushed out.

Turned Off Pilot Light

Boilers have a pilot light that can provide the flame necessary for lighting the gas. Once the boilers are operational, a valve releases a gas into the burner while the pilot light ignites the gas. If the pilot light shuts off, it normally signifies that the thermocouple has some issues. When resolving this issue, experts must first know if the gas can reach the boilers. If there is no gas, then its connection might have been turned off. If there is gas, then its flame must be reignited.

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