Make Your Commercial HVAC System More Efficient by Upgrading the Thermostat

26 September 2022

Commercial buildings are constructed to provide workspaces for various types of businesses. Some may be transformed into offices, while others can be renovated into retail stores. Restaurants and cafes are some more establishments that these buildings can cater to.

What is common about these establishments is they require efficient heating, cooling, and ventilation to optimise their operations. And so, they would normally prioritise the installation of high-quality heating, ventilation, and air conditioning or HVAC system. With this system, these businesses can expect employees and customers to feel more productive and more comfortable. The HVAC system can also prevent appliances and tools from overheating.

Now, if your commercial HVAC system has been around for a long time, you may want to upgrade its thermostat. Here are some notable reasons why you should upgrade your commercial building thermostat immediately.

Convenient Scheduling

Thermostats that have been around for decades can only be operated manually. And with their manual operation, they must still be controlled before they can provide optimal temperatures to rooms and spaces. Once employees have headed home, the thermostats will stay on the last temperature set, which is not optimal for rooms that require regular temperature adjustments. Once you have upgraded your manual thermostats with new ones, you can expect them to work efficiently since their heating and cooling can be scheduled beforehand. 

Remarkable Accuracy

Manual thermostats can be controlled by using a dial or a sliding switch. While they can be effective in regulating the indoor temperatures of your commercial building spaces, these devices can often become inaccurate as time passes. Their number reading would often mess up, which can lead to improper heating or cooling of the property. Opting for a thermostat upgrade prevents your building from attaining inaccurate temperatures as modern thermostats feature components that make their reading more accurate and more precise. 

Wireless Connection

One more reason you must opt for a thermostat upgrade is it allows you to regulate and control thermostats remotely. Manual thermostats only work alongside heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units that are directly connected to them. Their controls are also limited on their physical dial or sliding switch, which restricts you and others from altering them remotely. Once you opt for modern thermostats, you can easily control them as they can be connected through a Wi-Fi network. Once set up, you can already utilise them through a smartphone or laptop.

When picking the thermostats for your commercial building, you must ensure they work optimally with your existing HVAC system components. You must also make sure that they can remain energy-efficient and cost-effective throughout their operations. Another thing that you should consider is the space they will be covering. Going for thermostats that cannot handle huge spaces will only lead to energy wastage and huge unnecessary expenses.

Now, to ensure that thermostats can work optimally, they should be installed by professionals. They can, after all, pick the right ones for your building. They can also provide upkeep services that can retain the efficiency of these devices. 

If you need thermostat upgrades and to know more about our services, you can contact us at Protector Air Care.

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