Lowering Energy Costs with HVAC Maintenance

08 April 2020

The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are extremely important since they can maintain the comfort and safety of the people inside the building. The components found on these systems can effectively control the indoor climate and proper airflow. They can also make sure that the people neither freeze nor sweat due to drastic changes in outside temperature. 

Maintaining the HVAC system of your building can give you numerous benefits. It can help you improve the system’s overall performance, efficiency, and service life. Any expensive repairs and replacements are also eliminated when you subject your HVAC system under regular maintenance. Lastly, maintaining this system can boost your energy savings and lowers power consumption.

To help you gain lower energy costs, you must follow these regular maintenance steps for your HVAC system.

Change Air Filters

The air filters found on your HVAC system help you keep dust, dirt, allergens, and other harmful elements out of your circulating air throughout the building. After using your HVAC system for a long time, it would be expected for your air filters to have already amassed a huge amount of dirty substances. So, changing these filters regularly is the best thing that you can do to keep the whole system clean and perform efficiently.

Check the Fans

Another component that you must always check is the fans. The fans of your HVAC system help circulate the air throughout your building. Since the HVAC system operates regularly, some of your fans may become loose due to the cumulative effects of vibration. Give your whole system a regular tune-up so that any loose components like the fans can be checked and installed back into their place. Doing this can ultimately help your system avoid any structural damage in the future.

Clean the Fan Blades

The vacuum and blower of your HVAC system are equally important for your unit’s health. They are fully capable of cleaning your fan blades properly and removing any accumulation of dust, dirt, or other debris that may get stuck on your system’s unit motor. Cleaning your system’s vacuum and blower can significantly help these components perform their intended function. After all, they can keep your fans balanced and maintain the overall efficiency of your HVAC system. 

Lubricating the Blower Motor

The blower motor of the HVAC system is responsible for sending conditioned air from the furnace, heat pump, or air conditioning unit of the building. For it to run smoothly and optimally, the blower motor would require enough oil. Oil can help reduce friction between your HVAC system components. This lubrication can also reduce wear and tear of the blower motor and ultimately prolong the life of your whole HVAC system.

These maintenance steps can ensure you lower energy costs since your system does not have to operate way past its optimal operating limitations due to untouched damaged components. If you need help with your HVAC system maintenance, just contact us at Protector Air Care. 

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