How Does Protector Air Care Conduct Air Conditioning Services Professionally?

27 April 2022

Almost all commercial and industrial buildings maximise air conditioning units and other related components in conducting their operations. They need these components to maintain the optimum working temperatures of their machines. They likewise utilise these things to keep their employees safe from any health-related issues that may be generated by extremely high or low temperatures.

Most air conditioning units and other related systems are designed to work for a long time. However, they still need to be serviced from time to time. Fortunately, we, at Protector Air Care, can conduct a wide array of air conditioning services professionally for building owners like you.

Main Services of Protector Air Care

Our team at Protector Air Care can conduct a wide array of services for your business. 

Some of the services that we can gladly offer include mechanical preventative maintenance of mechanical and HVAC plants, complete essential services and maintenance that conform with AS 1851.6, AS 3666, and AS 1668.2, servicing, rebuilding, and replacing chillers, and installation of air conditioning and refrigeration units.

Other services that we can offer include boiler services and replacements, cooling tower mechanical services and replacements, water source heat rejection replacements, electrical and control maintenance and services, installation of electrical controls, thermostat upgrades, and filtration services.

Protector Air Care’s Key Approach

All these services are possible as we take things uniquely. Here are some aspects of our work that allow us to conduct quality services to all our clients.

  • Safety: One aspect of our work that we heavily consider is safety. Our OH&S system has been certified to follow WorkCover standards and requirements. Even our activities and materials all comply with all relevant regulations and external standards, including measures from BCA, AS standards, and Public Health Act. 
  • Employees: Another aspect of our company that grants us the ability to conduct services correctly is our employees. For the last few years, our company has been trusted by many clients as we utilise professionals who are dedicated, trained, and experienced. Some of our employees areEngineering graduates who are backed by a comprehensive training regime. We also employ full-time service training coordinators, technicians, financial personnel, and project manager who are all educated, trained, and experienced in their respective fields.
  • Competence: All our services are deemed to be successful since we follow standardised and continually evaluated procedures to detect any failures with air conditioning and refrigeration plants or units. We also have validation and qualification protocols to ensure that everything will proceed smoothly. All failures are likewise logged and categorised so we can attend to all of them quickly.
  • Relationship:One more aspect of our work that makes us the best choice for many property owners is we value our relationship with clients. Known as one of the most unique aspects of Protector Air Care, our employees know the significance of communication when coordinating with their clients. And so, as they progress with their services, they guarantee that the clients will receive formal reporting from them before, during, and even after conducting their tasks.

To acquire excellent services for your property, you must call us at Protector Air Care.

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