How Do Commercial Facilities Benefit from Retrofitting Air Conditioners

15 December 2020

Commercial facilities and establishments are normally equipped with air conditioners for the comfort of employees, visitors, and other people. And with the continuous use of air conditioning units, all the advantages of having cool air can be easily acquired by all the people inside the mentioned properties.

However, air conditioners tend to manifest some issues after a long time of use. There will be instances where your energy bills will suddenly increase even though the air conditioners operate optimally and within the standard duration. Alternatively, they may have entirely relied on multiple repairs just to keep the components running. All these issues are normally common among air conditioners that have already aged. Fortunately, retrofitting them can easily fix most of these issues and bring back their efficiency.

Retrofitting Air Conditioner Parts and Elements

Commercial air conditioners can easily deteriorate since they are used almost all the time. But with retrofit services, they are expected to run efficiently and effectively even after numerous years. These services allow them to perform cooling functions based on the cooling requirements of a property. They also provide more components that will help these units run safely.

One of the most common retrofit services that air conditioners utilise is the installation of numerous parts. Some of these parts are airside economiser, supply fan speed controls, cooling capacity controls, and carbon dioxide sensors. Retrofit services also allow air conditioners to obtain condenser fan controls that can integrate variable-frequency drive operation, demand-controlled ventilation, and smart temperature and humidity controls. Replacement of parts such as semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors and ductwork is also done to sustain the optimum performance of air conditioners.

Primary Benefits of Retrofitting Air Conditioners

Commercial facilities that will have their air conditioners retrofitted can enjoy the following benefits.

  • Enhanced Energy Savings: Retrofitting services allow air conditioners to run without consuming too much energy. Since their components are now designed to cater to the operation needs of commercial facilities, they are now expected to save up to 40 per cent on monthly energy bills.
  • Reduced Repair Costs: As mentioned, commercial air conditioners tend to breakdown more frequently as time passes by. But through retrofitting, they can now operate without relying heavily on emergency repairs, allowing business owners to save some more money.
  • Increased Service Life: Since retrofitting entails the installation of components that will make air conditioners functional, its services can swiftly prolong the service life of these cooling units. Additionally, the replacement of worn parts allows the air conditioners to avoid getting damaged.
  • Improved Working Conditions: Another benefit of retrofitting air conditioners is that it can easily improve the overall working conditions of commercial facilities. Air conditioners that are retrofitted can easily maintain cooling temperatures, reduce downtimes, and minimise the noise in specific areas, which then translates to better business performance, work quality, and employee productivity.
  • Boosted Investment Returns: Given all the previous benefits, air conditioners that have been retrofitted can easily grant commercial business owners substantial return on investment. They do not have to worry about expensive repairs and maintenance once their cooling units are retrofitted.

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