How Do Building Automation Systems Work and Benefit Industrial Buildings?

25 October 2022

To keep the production of components and parts stable all the time, business owners should invest in and maximise industrial buildings. One major reason why industrial buildings are needed is they normally have the right amount of space to accommodate everything.

With the right amount of space, industrial buildings can easily accommodate all the tools and equipment needed for the processes. Some of these processes include the acquisition of raw materials, storing the materials for later use, collecting the things needed for production, and delivering the products to the clients. Huge industrial buildings can likewise provide comfort and safety to everyone inside the premises with the installation of the right building systems.

But to keep everything working, building owners should invest in building automation systems.

An Overview of Building Automation Systems

A building automation system, also known as a building management system or building control system, is a system that can control the operations of electronic, electric, and mechanical systems throughout an industrial building. It basically centralises all the controls of components that can be found on the previously stated systems under one computer networking system. Aside from regulating their controls, this system can also monitor system operations as well as allow systems to communicate across platforms.

Specific systems that can be controlled by the building automation systems are heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, and security systems. This system can likewise control air purification systems, air handlers, and sanitising systems.

Building Automation Systems Major Benefits

Investing in a building automation system allows industrial buildings to attain tons of benefits. 

One of the benefits of this system is it can save tons of energy. For years, building owners who have added this system to their properties have already gained around 30% of savings on their energy bills. This percentage is already huge considering the costs of energy expenses today. This system cuts energy use since building systems can already be monitored and controlled depending on the needs of the property.

Safety is also enhanced by the building automation system as it is often paired with fail-safe mechanisms. Once electronic or mechanical failures show up during the operations of building systems, the building automation system can conveniently carry out measures to avoid the said failures from causing serious accidents inside the building. This benefit can be beneficial for industrial buildings given the number of equipment they maximise.

As time passes, a building automation system allows industrial building owners to maximise their machines and equipment for a much longer time. This system can likewise make workers and other people feel comfortable. Even the maintenance will be simplified as the system can already run diagnostics that monitor their temperature, pressures, and others.

Applications of Building Automation Systems

Industrial buildings such as factories, manufacturing plants, and storage facilities are not the only ones that can benefit from building automation systems. These systems can also help hospitals maintain the operations of their medical tools, equipment, and general building systems. Building automation systems can also help retail establishments and multi-unit developments regulate their system operations flawlessly.

To acquire a building automation system for your property, you can contact us at Protector Air Care so we can help you plan and execute its installation.

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