How Cooling Towers Work and Why Preventive Maintenance is Necessary

15 February 2021

Most buildings such as schools, offices, and hospitals utilise heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system to effectively regulate their temperatures. But for industrial properties such as petroleum refineries and natural gas processing plants, they require a much larger unit to effectively remove heat.

Cooling towers, which are known to be much larger than HVAC system units, are typically utilised for industrial properties. They normally allow air to come into contact with hot water so that the latter’s temperature decreases. The interaction of the elements allows properties to have a cooler environment since heat will be expelled from these places.

Working Principles of Cooling Towers

The working principles of cooling towers are pretty straightforward. Industrial properties use a lot of equipment pieces. And as these things operate, they can effectively generate heat in the form of a huge volume of hot water. The cooling towers, at this point, will function to lower the water’s temperature.

Hot or overheated water normally flows through the cooling tower. Once inside the cooling tower, the water will circulate until it is exposed to cool, dry air. The interaction between the water and the air will then cause heat to evaporate. The heat will subsequently leave the cooling tower. Afterwards, the cooled water will now be re-entering or returning to the properties. The processes will then recur repeatedly as long as the cooling tower is in good condition.

As warm condenser enters the cooling tower, it will be transferred into some nozzles of the cooling tower so that it can be sprayed into small droplets. These small droplets are intended to be sprayed onto the fill media, which is responsible for slowing them down and exposing them for the interaction to air. The purpose of the fan inside the cooling tower, alternatively, is to bring in air from the bottom and move it up. The air it carries is already filled with heat that will be sent into the atmosphere.

Preventive Maintenance is Necessary

Cooling towers must undergo preventive maintenance regularly so they will not cause any health hazards to the people around and inside the properties. These units continuously gather bacteria, dust, pollen, insects, and other debris from the environment. Without regular maintenance and cleaning, these elements can surely accumulate until such time that they can finally reach and affect other components inside the properties. Alternatively, as the hot water is cooled by the unmaintained cooling tower, the air that will be released into the atmosphere might bring some bacteria and cause an outbreak.

Preventive maintenance is also important for cooling towers as it can easily identify components that are already faulty or broken. From their fans to nozzles, all components must be regularly inspected and serviced so that cooling towers can carry out their functions all the time. This type of maintenance can likewise prolong their service lives as well as consume less energy and resources.

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