Here are Some of the Reasons Why an HVAC Inspection is Worth the Cost

07 October 2019

You have probably seen the media ads that promote the fact that you need an annual HVAC inspection to ensure that your heating and cooling system is in optimal operating condition at all times and wondered if it is really worth the cost of one. The short answer to this query is “yes” since it can help prevent costly repair bills in the near future. During this inspection, a licenced technician can identify minor issues before they turn into major, expensive ones.

Is the HVAC Inspection Worth the Price That You Pay for It?

Your HVAC system contains numerous parts and all of them need to be in prime condition for this system to operate efficiently. Also, this system costs thousands of dollars to replace when it has too many complex issues to repair. For a small fee of $50.00 to $80.00, you can receive an inspection to ensure that it remains in the necessary condition to cool and heat your house on demand. Repairs can run from $150.00 up to over $1000.00 when replacement of major parts is merited. Due to this fact, we state emphatically that the HVAC inspection is worth every bit of what it costs.

Will the Inspection Include Maintenance Procedures?

If the technician discovers a minor issue during the inspection, he or she typically can take care of it right away at an additional cost. When he or she finds a major issue, a service call can be scheduled after the inspection is completed.

Spring is the Best Time of the Year to Schedule Your HVAC Inspection

While these inspections can take place any time of the year, spring is ideal for one since it helps you ready your HVAC system for the rest of the year. Summer is a difficult time to schedule these inspections because HVAC technicians are in high demand to repair or replace these systems. With the cool temperatures of fall and winter, you want your system working optimally to keep you warm.

What You Can Expect During an HVAC Inspection

The HVAC technician will check over your entire system to determine its operational status, including the thermostat, coolant levels, controls and electrical connections along with any other relevant parts. If any minor maintenance is necessary, a technician can perform certain tasks without scheduling a service call. He or she will just add on for the parts and the time needed to take care of these tasks to his or her bill. Examples of maintenance that can occur on the spot include:

• Refilling the coolant
• Lubricating the moving parts
• Cleaning the condensation drain
• Changing or cleaning the air filter, depending upon the type that your system uses

For further information about whether an HVAC inspection is worth the money, consult with Protector Air Care. We specialise in various quality mechanical and air conditioning services to answer the needs of our clients.

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