Easy Tips for Troubleshooting Evaporative Coolers

27 November 2020

Evaporative coolers are often created out of durable and long-lasting components. After all, they must effectively provide the needed fresh air in a specific area without encountering any issues and problems. But even with high-quality evaporative coolers, there is still a chance where they would suddenly malfunction or perform worse than they used to be. 

Issues and problems that may arise with evaporative coolers are normal. As a matter of fact, some of them may even be resolved just by doing troubleshooting them. If you have encountered the following problems, then you may want to perform their associated troubleshooting tips to resolve them right away.

Failure to Turn On

One of the most common issues of evaporative coolers is their inability to turn on and power up. While most people would immediately call for professional repairs, there are times where changing some components might actually do the trick of turning them on. If your property has a blown fuse or a damaged breaker, then you must change them immediately. However, if these components are still in good condition, then the wiring components of your evaporative cooler may have already deteriorated.

Lack of Cool Air

Evaporative coolers are designed to blow out cool and clean air to specific places and areas. However, if you notice that the air released by your unit is a little warm, then you might want to check the condition of your water pump. Clogged water pumps cannot effectively provide the needed cooling for the air. Aside from the pump, you must also check if your pads are moist. If they are not, then you must moisten them so they can perform the evaporative cooling function of your unit.

Dripping of Water

There are times when you have to store your evaporative coolers first as the outdoor temperature changes. While storing them will not usually damage them, some issues may occur if they are stored badly. With improper storage, water drippings may come out as soon as you turn the cooler again. To resolve water drippage, you must remove the pads, drain the unit, clean the tank, and cover it up thoroughly as you use the unit. If there is still water drippage, then you must consult with a professional. 

Peculiar Odour

Air that is fresh and clean should not have an odour that is difficult to breathe. And so, if your evaporative cooler or its airflow somehow emits a strange odour, then there might be something wrong with its components. The accumulation of mildew on its pads or in the tank normally results in the presence of a bad odour. Replacing the pads and cleaning the tank can normally resolve this issue. Changing the water inside your evaporative cooler can also be done to avoid breathing air with a foul odour.

These troubleshooting tips can help you solve evaporative cooler issues and problems in just a short time. However, if they did not work, then you may want to call for professional help. We, at Protector Air Care, will be glad to help you out with your evaporative cooler problems.

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