Difference Between Air Cooled and Water Cooled Cooling System

26 February 2021

Cooling systems are designed to remove heat from the property to make the whole place more comfortable and relaxing. Residential, commercial, and industrial properties utilise different types of cooling systems just to obtain the needed cool temperatures of their respective rooms and areas.

To date, there are two major types of cooling systems that property owners can obtain. One of these types is the air cooled cooling system. Air cooled cooling systems work by transferring heat that has been obtained into the air. Another type of cooling system is the water cooled cooling system. This type of cooling system transfers the obtained heat from the space into the water before releasing it into a drain line. Aside from these working principles, they also have other qualities that set them apart.

Air Cooled Cooling System

Air cooled cooling systems are intended to transfer the heat taken from a room or space into the air before releasing or expelling it to the atmosphere. These systems only utilise a current of ambient air in removing the heat from a property. However, compared to the water cooled ones, these systems can operate at a higher cost and spend more energy.

What is great about air cooled cooling systems is that they do not need a huge amount of water to operate. Therefore, places that have a scarce supply of water can truly enjoy these systems. Some air cooled cooling systems do not need cooling towers, making them easier to install and operate. The costs of maintenance and chemical consumption can also be minimised with air cooled cooling systems.

Water Cooled Cooling System

Water cooled cooling systems, as their name suggests, utilise water in terms of their overall operations. They transfer heat from a given space into the water before it can be released into a drain line. The water is supplied through hoses that can be connected to a water source. Properties that are enclosed and sealed can easily maximise the functionalities of water cooled cooling systems.

These systems have cooling towers, which makes them more efficient than the air cooled cooling systems. As these cooling systems condense at a lower rate, the more efficient they could be. Aside from their efficiency, these systems can be compact, allowing them to be installed anywhere. They can likewise last longer. The only issue with these systems is that they need an abundant supply of water.

Protector Air Care Can Help

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