Commercial Air Conditioning Installation: Important Tips for Hiring an Air Conditioning Installer

01 May 2019

Without an efficient air conditioning or AC system in your building, the indoor environment will be quite uncomfortable, especially during the warm and hot months of the year. This can lead to a reduction in profits since your employees will slow down as a result of the high, stuffy temperatures. To ensure that your AC system works on an optimal way whenever you need it, hire only a qualified air conditioning installation and service provider. We offer you some valuable tips on how to hire the right one for you in the following. 

Inquire about the Installer’s Insurance Coverage and Licencing

Air conditioning installers must be properly licenced to work legally on your system. On top of this, they should carry full-coverage insurance. The insurance protects you and the installer in case of accidental damage or injury. 

Discover the Experience of the AC Installer

You want to hire an experienced installer. Ask about how long that he has been in business. The more years, the better since the installer will know how to handle all types of AC issues and situations. A newbie to the trade will have limited knowledge of both. 

Request Referrals and Contact Them

Take the time to request referrals and make a call to each one to learn about real-life client experiences with the AC installer. This will tell you whether you should hire him or look elsewhere. 

Ask If the Installer Specialises in Your Type of AC System

Since there are so many types of air conditioning systems in operation today, you should be certain that the installer specialises in the one you need serviced or repaired if necessary. 

Does the AC Installer Serve Your Location?

Installers of AC systems often have a specific service area. Make certain that your location is within the installer’s area before you hire him. 

Will You Be Able to Work With the Air Conditioning Installer Easily?

Often, companies overlook the fact that they need to be able work closely with an AC installer in an amenable manner. Do not fall into this trap. You need to hire an installer who will listen to your concerns and address them without any rudeness or condescension.

For additional tips about hiring an air conditioning installer for your commercial air conditioning installation, rely on Protector Air Care. We provide a wide assortment of services for installation and preventative maintenance for AC systems as well as chillers, refrigeration units, boilers and more. With 26 years of experience, we deliver quality services to all of our clients.

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