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13 March 2020

Huge buildings and facilities obtain chillers to perform some important functionality. As an introduction, a chiller is an equipment that removes heat from a liquid through a heat exchanger. Chilled water or liquid are circulated through this heat exchanger, which can be helpful in different applications such as food and beverage, tool and die-cutting, chemicals, lasers, machine tool, semiconductors, and many more.

The use of water is very common as a requirement in transferring heat to and from the chiller. A chiller can also use hermetic scroll, semi-hermetic screw, or centrifugal compressor. It can also be water-cooled, air-cooled, or cooled through evaporation. In daily application, chillers are used to provide a closed-loop water system that can cool any equipment or products. They are also used in cooling your building.

Importance of Chiller

Chiller systems are important in every commercial or even residential building. Businesses that have industrial facilities and factories also utilise the use of chillers. They can maintain the right temperature and humidity levels that you need in your environment. An effective and efficient chiller system can also help you reduce overall heating and cooling expenses, extend operation efficiency, and even save money on labour, equipment, and other related costs. Your energy consumption will also be reduced through an efficient chiller system.

Chiller Repairs and Maintenance

A chiller that is effective and efficient can only be achieved if you always maintain and repair them. The repair and maintenance for chillers may include services, annuals, rebuilds, and replacements whenever necessary. Whatever the case is, you must ensure that these maintenance activities are done for you to save money, time, and energy in the long run.

Poor maintenance can have dire consequences on your chillers. Your energy usage will be doubled in just a few years, most especially if your components are already damaged. Service interruptions on your business or daily operations are expected with poor maintenance since they cannot maintain their intended stable work processes. The service life of a poorly maintained chiller is also reduced by a whopping 25% to 50%. 

Chiller retrofits, system add-ons, and replacements contribute to the efficiency of chillers. Chillers can also be effective through regular cleaning. Chemical solution can be circulated through the chiller so that the tubes will be cleaned. Pushing a brush through each tube can also clean the chillers, given that you flush the accumulated dirt afterward. Another method of cleaning entails the use of a buffing tool on tubes. A thorough scouring is done through this tool that allows the tubes to be completely cleaned before they dry. 

Protector Air Care at Your Service

Protector Air Care knows the best services for your chiller. We have been operating for almost four decades, which makes us experienced and adept in providing chiller-related services. We are also constantly evolving so that we can deliver exceptional service and sound economic solutions to our customers.  We specialises in providing energy-efficient and sustainable solutions that include engineering solutions to the mechanical services within the commercial, retail, and industrial workplaces and environments. We conduct installations, mechanical works, preventative maintenance scheduled services, and energy-efficient management services.

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