Boiler Services and Replacements: When to Ask for Professional Help?

11 September 2020

Boilers are closed vessels that initiate the heating of fluid. The main function of this equipment is to either produce hot water or steam, which can help in providing either domestic or commercial heating and hot water supply. For homes and residential areas, boilers can be efficient in making an area warmer, sterilisation, drying, humidification, and even power generation.

The functions and purposes of boilers are vital for properties to regulate temperatures and receive the needed heat for every element possible. But just like any other equipment and appliance, boilers tend to also wear and get damaged due to a wide variety of factors. If your boiler possesses the following problems or issues, then it would be best for you to ask for professional help right away.

System Leaks

Boiler components are arranged in a way where leaks will not be present. However, if your boiler continues to release evidence of leaks or just leaks straight away, then you need to call for professional help immediately. Your boiler must have been corroded internally. Additionally, standing water may have already surrounded your boiler system. Whatever the cause is, a leakage in your boiler is serious and can cause destruction of property, mould growth, and damages on the structure of the home or building.

Cold Spots

Heaters that are connected to boilers can effectively provide the needed warm space in specific areas of the property. But if there are cold spots on most parts of your property, then there might be a problem with your boiler. The absence of heating from the boiler may be caused by a compromised distribution system within the boiler components. A damaged distribution system might then cause water damage, control, or air handling issues that can be present on devices connected to the boiler.

Strange Noises

Another sign that your boiler needs repairs is if it produces strange noises. Loud, hissing sudden noises from the boiler typically mean that it is overheating. Loud, clanging sound, on the other hand, means that the boiler has a build-up of scaling or deposit inside its tank. While not all strange noises within the boiler require immediate repairs and replacements, it would be important for you to continuously monitor your boiler components and clean them up if possible, to see if the noise gets worse.

Foul Odour

Aside from strange noises, your boiler is most likely in grave danger once it emits foul odours. If your boiler produces a strong, metallic odour, then your system might have already leaking gas or oil within its components. This specific smell might come and go. However, it would be important for your boiler to be checked right away once it has already emitted a bad odour. Having it checked immediately prevents you from facing the dangers that a gas leak may bring to your lives and your property.

High Energy Costs

You should seek professional help immediately if you noticed that your energy costs are getting higher. With the combination of some other signs that are previously stated, your boiler might have components that do not work efficiently. Once professionals are called in, they would assess, check, repair, or replace components that are causing problems on your boiler as well as on your energy bills. If you are currently experiencing these signs, then it would be best for your boiler to be repaired or even replaced immediately. Having them repaired or replaced early on will help you cut down energy cost, regulate the needed temperatures, prevent life-threatening accidents, and save the property from obtaining structural damages.

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