BAS vs BMS: Choosing the Most Appropriate System for Your Property

08 March 2022

In managing your property, a wide array of systems can now be obtained from various reputable vendors. Some of these systems include Building Management Systems (BMS), Building Automation Systems (BAS), Building Energy Management Systems, and Energy Management Control Systems.

For years, the names of these systems are used interchangeably as they somehow carry out the same processes. However, some changes have been introduced to these systems that make them distinctive from one another. One key element that has been introduced to some of these systems is smart analytics. Another element is advanced automated controls.

Both BAS and BMS can be extremely useful in managing the systems of your property. Knowing their similarities and differences, if there are any, can help you choose the best one for you.

The Essence of a Building Management System

Before understanding BAS, you must first know the essence of BMS.

BMS is a computer-based system that regulates the internal environmental conditions to make a property energy-efficient. It is often used to monitor and control vital property systems such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, security, fire, and power systems. The data gathered from BMS can likewise be used to identify opportunities to improve property systems.

BMS ensures that the energy usage of these systems is regulated effectively, all without compromising the comfort and safety of all the people inside. It can likewise assist property owners like you to minimise costs, prolong the service life of system components, and reduce environmental impact. This system can also monitor changes in power consumption, which is often a clear indication of an equipment failure, introduction of a new system, unauthorised use of specific equipment pieces, and so on.

The Truth about Building Automation Systems

Now, people used to believe that BAS is different from BMS. Some property owners even spread the notion that BAS is a subset of BMS.

But in reality, BAS works similarly to BMS. BAS is even synonymous with BMS. Hence, BAS can likewise monitor and control the key systems of a property such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and lighting systems. Opting for BAS, therefore, allows you to enjoy the functions of BMS.

A Building Energy Management System (EMS) is a system that is different from BAS and BMS. Through EMS, it ensures that the energy usage is monitored heavily. It likewise processes energy consumption data so that a property owner can come up with decisions that aim to optimise building energy efficiency. Unlike BAS and BMS, EMS does not control or automate system functions. It is also cheaper.

BMS and BAS are known to be complicated as these systems do not only monitor, but their hardware can also regulate and control property systems. If you are managing a huge property or business facility, then opting for BMS or BAS can be a very good investment for your future.

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