All Things You Should Know about Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Equipment Retrofits

08 April 2022

Commercial and industrial buildings typically maximise various equipment pieces to optimise their general operations. Two equipment pieces that they often use are air conditioning units and refrigeration systems.

These buildings maximise air conditioning units so they can provide cool and cosy air temperatures to their rooms and spaces. Refrigeration systems, alternatively, are utilised by these properties to effectively store delicate products and, at the same time, retain their qualities. Once these equipment pieces have been installed and calibrated properly, building owners can ensure that their businesses can perform well.

There are instances, however, where they must be retrofitted.

The Importance of Retrofit Services

Retrofitting is a process wherein existing equipment pieces are modified, allowing them to keep up with the demands of a building or environment. Normally, this process is conducted in equipment pieces that have been operating for years or even decades.

Without conducting retrofitting services, old and outdated equipment pieces are expected to consume a lot of energy. They might likewise operate despite utilising aged or deteriorated internal components. They might even emit toxins and other harmful substances to the environment, which can negatively affect the surroundings and the people around them.

Retrofitting Air Conditioning Units

If you currently maximise outdated air conditioning units, you may want to hugely consider subjecting them to retrofitting services. Retrofitting your air conditioning units ensures that their components and operations will meet the current standards and regulations. Normally, your outdated air conditioning units will be modified with new technology that is more efficient and smarter. Some parts of your air conditioning units that can be retrofitted are temperature controls, ducting, and adaptors.

Retrofitting Refrigeration Systems

Refrigeration systems, alternatively, may have helped you store and preserve delicate and perishable products. Most of these systems can be effective in maintaining cold temperatures inside. But as time passes, they may end up utilising more energy than usual just to keep the temperatures low. If your refrigeration systems possess this issue, retrofitting them could be your needed solution. Fitting them with new fan controllers, compressor screws, and high-efficiency compressors can make them cost-effective.

Safeguarding a Successful Retrofit

The retrofitting of your air conditioning units and refrigeration systems can be successful if you hire a reputable retrofitting company. This company should be able to conduct a baseline energy audit so they can identify whether specific adjustments are necessary or not. They must likewise calibrate your existing equipment pieces to factory specifications so they can help you save energy. Of course, upgrades must also be done to keep everything up-to-date. Ultimately, they must make sure that maintenance will be conducted so that your equipment pieces can operate without any unexpected issues.

For your retrofitting needs, you can call us at Protector Air Care. We have been providing high-quality services for the air-conditioning, refrigeration and mechanical services sector since January 1993 and will continue to do so in the future.

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