5 Tips to Help Air Conditioners Maintain Efficiency

28 January 2021

Property owners would usually utilise air conditioners in maintaining a specific room’s temperature, relative humidity, and air purity. These air conditioners work by drawing heat energy out of the property and replacing the air inside with much cooler air.

The process of cooling the air inside the property makes air conditioners significant for property owners. However, they can carry out their core functions more effectively if they are efficient. Efficient air conditioners can lower energy bills, reduce carbon footprint, and operate optimally. They can likewise lessen the chances of getting damaged more easily compared to those that are not truly efficient. 

To make your air conditioners efficient, here are 5 tips that you may want to consider and perform.

  1. Clean the Condenser

The outdoor condenser units of air conditioners are often exposed to different elements from outside. Therefore, they must be cleaned so they can work optimally and efficiently. Most debris or waste materials that have accumulated on these units should be removed so that your air conditioners will not only be efficient but also free of any potential issues or problems. While these elements can be removed easily, the in-depth cleaning of these units must be only done by professionals.

  • Replace the Filter

One of the main components of air conditioners is the filter. The filter allows these units to effectively remove unwanted elements in the air and refrain them from entering a specific space or room. If these filters are not maintained regularly, there is a huge chance that they have already obtained thick dirty particles. To make your air conditioners operate smoothly again, you may want to check the filters and see if they are already dirty. Cleaning these filters can improve airflow and promote high-quality cool air.

  • Keep Vents Unblocked

Airflow can be drastically improved if the indoor supply vents will be kept unlocked and free from any debris. To keep these vents free from debris and other dirty elements, you may want to vacuum them thoroughly all the time. Another great tip in keeping them unlocked is to ensure that furniture, blinds, and other things will be far away from the vents.

  • Free Up the Drain Line

The drain line of an air conditioner is often situated next to the indoor cooling coil. It is normally mounted above the furnace in the basement or other similar places. Keeping this specific part clean can easily improve the efficiency of the air conditioner. To clean this component, you must flush one cup of chlorine bleach down to the air conditioning drain and consequently rinse it with a gallon of water.

  • Insulate Ductwork

The air from air conditioners is often transferred through conduits or ducts. The ductwork attached to your air conditioner must be sealed properly to save it from any leaking incidents. It must also be insulated with a specific duct-insulating material. However, if your ductwork has obtained leaks, you can fix it through a special duct-sealing tape. You can also consult with professionals so they can fix it right away.

If you need help in making your air conditioners efficient, just give us a call at Protector Air Care.

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