4 Indicators You Need an Urgent Boiler Replacement

30 May 2022

Commercial and industrial buildings use various systems to ensure that they can operate optimally. One system that they normally utilise is the boiler.

Boilers are pressurised systems that utilise electricity or burn combustible fuel to generate heat. The heat is then utilised to increase the water temperature, generating enough hot water or steam for heating the said buildings. Boilers normally work alongside chillers as the latter can provide cool water for cooling the same properties. Most of these pressurised systems are made from durable and long-lasting materials, granting them a service life of around 10 to 15 years.

Boilers must, however, be replaced once they have manifested a couple of signs. If the boiler inside your building showcases the following indicators, you may want to replace it immediately.

1. Recurring Issues

One indicator that you need an urgent boiler replacement is the presence of recurring boiler issues. With regular assessment, cleaning, and maintenance, you can expect your boiler to work for a long time without showing any signs of failure. Now, if your boiler still works but manifests recurring issues like failure to work properly or breakdowns, you may want to have the whole system replaced right away. Using a faulty boiler, after all, will only lead to more expensive repairs.

2. High Energy Use

Most boilers nowadays are already designed to work efficiently. They are mostly known for utilising less energy as opposed to their conventional counterparts. Once you have noticed that your energy bills are increasing gradually, you may want to have your boiler replaced. A boiler with poor energy efficiency is often filled with components that are already defective. Replacing this type of boiler right away can help you save energy and reduce overall expenses.

3. Leaking Content

Boilers, as mentioned earlier, generate enough hot water or steam for the purpose of heating various types of buildings. Since the water is set at high temperatures, it can be extremely dangerous for a person to be exposed to it. Hot water can also cause damage to the surrounding surfaces, especially if they cannot resist high temperatures. These things may happen once your boiler has damaged components, allowing water to leak. Replacing this system can prevent these things from occurring.

4. Boiler Relocation

Most of the time, the installers of boilers have already picked the right places for the installation of these systems. Now, if you are planning to move your boiler to a new location, you may want to postpone your plan and replace it instead. The location of your existing boiler can consume time and energy. It may have also existed for a long time already. With aged components, it would be best for your building to have it replaced and upgraded right away.

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