Everything You Need to Know about Industrial Electrical Control Systems

04 November 2021

Business owners like you know the significance of investing in industrial buildings. Through an industrial building, your workers can effectively manufacture, process, store, and distribute different types of raw materials, goods, or services.

And since tons of processes are conducted inside the building, you must ensure that it has an adequate electrical supply. Electricity is one of the most fundamental elements of an industrial building since many equipment pieces and tools rely on this specific energy source. Without this power source, your business performance will be affected significantly. It can likewise lead to huge revenue loss.

Having a stable electric supply can ensure that your building operations will run efficiently. In regulating your power supply, you must prioritise the installation of an electrical control system.

The Importance of an Electrical Control System

The presence of an industrial electrical control system in your building can bring you tons of benefits.

For one, this system can make sure that every corner of your property will remain safe for a very long time. Electricity can help supply the needed energy for your tools and equipment pieces. But if these things have already attained serious damages, sending electricity to their electrical components would only cause more damages. It may even generate risks like property fires or injuries.

An electrical control system can also ensure that the functions of your industrial building will be carried out efficiently. The parts and components of this system make sure that your equipment pieces and tools can operate continuously without any hiccups. This specific benefit allows your business to be fruitful.

Main Elements of an Electrical Control System

When utilising an electrical control system, it would be great for you to understand the functions and significance of its parts and structures. Most of the time, an electrical control system is divided into two parts: the panel structure and the electrical components.

The panel structure is often comprised of an enclosure and a back panel. The enclosure, which is typically made from aluminium or stainless steel, protects the whole system from potential damages. The back panel, alternatively, is a sheet of metal that is installed inside the enclosure. The main purpose of the back panel is to give structural support for wiring ducts and metal rails. The wiring ducts are meant to route and organise the wires, while the metal rails are designed to mount electrical components.

The electrical components, on the other hand, are components that regulate all processes related to electrical distribution. One vital electrical component for the system is the main circuit breaker. This component is known for interrupting the current flow once a fault is detected by protective relays. A surge arrester, alternatively, deters lightning strikes from damaging electrical components. 

Other known electrical components of the said system include transformers, terminal blocks, relays, contractors, network switches, and human-machine interfaces.

Electrical Control System at Protector Air Care

To obtain a quality electrical control system for your industrial building, you can call us at Protector Air Care. Since its inception, our company has been constantly evolving to deliver exceptional service with an innovative approach to providing sound economical solutions to our customers.

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